Dropsafe improves workplace safety by collaborating with industry professionals in the oil and gas, mining and industrial sectors to develop effective application-specific dropped and falling objects prevention solutions.

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Dropsafe Barrier

Dropsafe Barrier

This is a dropped object barrier system for permanent and temporary use. The barrier is designed to prevent items such as tools, water bottles, hard hats, two-way radios, aerosol spray cans, shackles, maintenance equipment falling through open guard railing, stairways and elevated work platforms.

The Dropsafe barrier panels attach along the inside of the guard railing of elevated walkways, stairways, access ways of permanent or temporary structures, using a universal attaching system. The impact-resistance, coupled with the small honeycomb apertures of the barrier panels, prevent loose items falling from height where the barrier is installed.

Dropsafe Nets

Dropsafe Nets

Dropsafe nets are safety devices that enclose and tether overhead fixtures such as lights, beacons, speakers, self-retracting lifelines, CCTV cameras, anodes, pipe clamps, located above personnel or equipment.

The net fully encloses the item being secured, while the integrated securing cable attaches to a structural point, preventing both the item and fixture components from dropping or falling. This is the most secure form of secondary retention available.

Dropsafe Padlock

Dropsafe Padlocks

The Dropsafe padlock with securing cable is the only integrated industry solution designed to prevent dropped objects hazards associated with padlocks handled at height. Unsecured and misplaced padlocks are a common dropped objects hazard on drilling rigs and have the potential to cause lost time injuries (LTIs), serious injuries and fatalities.

It features an integrated securing cable and carabiner that enables it to be tethered to a secure structure, preventing it from becoming a dropped objects hazard when misplaced or temporarily stored on walkways and beams at height.

Dropsafe Pouches

Dropsafe Pouches

Dropsafe pouches are safety devices designed to secure two-way radios, portable gas detectors, aerosol spray cans, multimeters, torches and other items used while working at height.

The pouch fully encloses and tethers the item to the user preventing it from becoming a dropped or falling objects hazard.

Dropsafe Accessories

Dropsafe manufactures a range of dropped and falling object prevention accessories to complement the core product range, including 4-part safety shackles, lanyards, securing cables and carabiners.

All Dropsafe accessories have been designed for use in harsh offshore environments using the highest quality materials, while offering exceptional performance and durability.