Pacific Automation and Microsonic Partnership Transforms Industrial Automation in Australia

Friday, 8 March 2024
Pacific Automation, a leading name in industrial automation in Australia, is happy to announce its latest partnership with Microsonic, a pioneer in specialised automation solutions.

This partnership marks a significant milestone for Pacific Automation, as it brings Microsonic’s innovative product range to the forefront of the Australian market.

Microsonic's Niche in Automation:

Microsonic has carved a unique niche in the automation industry with its state-of-the-art sensor technology. Specialising in ultrasonic sensors, Microsonic products are renowned for their precision, reliability, and adaptability across various demanding environments. These sensors are indispensable in applications like material handling, manufacturing processes, agricultural automation, and mineral processing, where accuracy and efficiency are paramount.

Showcasing at APPEX and AMW Expos

To introduce Microsonic to the Australian audience, Pacific Automation is gearing up to showcase the brand at two major events – APPEX Process and Packaging Expo and AMW - Australian Manufacturing Week, scheduled for March and April 2024. These events are perfect platforms to demonstrate the capabilities of Microsonic products and how they can revolutionise manufacturing and material handling processes.

More details on these here.

Extensive Product Range:

Pacific Automation is committed to offering a comprehensive range of Microsonic products. This includes a variety of ultrasonic distance sensors, double-sheet control sensors that work with no calibration at all, and label sensors that use special teach-in methods to be able to detect even critical labels and splices at high speeds, providing solutions for today’s industrial automation challenges.

Microsonic sensors are carefully designed, built, and tested in-house in Germany, and are at the top of their field for quality, robustness, and suitability for the harshest of environments and continue to further develop their range.

New Channel Partnership

Stephen Armstrong, CEO of Pacific Automation, commented, 'This partnership marks a significant step forward in our mission to drive innovation in the Australian industrial automation sector. With Microsonic's advanced ultrasonic sensor technology, we are set to redefine the standards of efficiency and reliability.'

Melanie Harke, Marketing Manager at Microsonic added, ‘We rely on Pacific Automation as a competent and experienced partner in the field of automation technology. It is important to us that customers receive on-site support for their applications to serve the best solution.’

The partnership between Pacific Automation and Microsonic is a testament to Pacific Automation’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of industrial automation. By introducing Microsonic's cutting-edge sensor technology to the Australian market, Pacific Automation continues to empower industries with solutions that drive efficiency, precision, and technology.

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