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VLT Micro Drive FC 51

Reduced installation costs. Maximum strength.

Small but powerful. Save panel space and reduce installation costs thanks to a compact size and minimal commissioning requirements.

  • Side-by-side mounting without derating possible
  • Coated PCBs minimise penetration of dust
  • Built-in RFI filters limit radio disturbance from motor cables
  • Effective heat sink extends drive lifetime
  • Kinetic energy can be transformed into braking power
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VLT HVAC Basic Drive FC 101

Efficient, basic control of fans and pumps in HVAC applications.

Get built-in functions to reduce initial costs and increase productivity.

  • Most compact unit in its class
  • Ideal for ventilation, heating, and refrigeration applications
  • Integrated DC coils reduce harmonics to an absolute minimum
  • Automatic Energy Optimizer saves 15-25% energy for low TCOS

VLT HVAC Enhanced Drive FC 102

Get even more drive in your HVAC.

Get enhanced reliability and lower total cost of ownership in your heating, ventilation and air-conditioning installations with this unique VSD. Optimised for building automation systems.

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VLT AQUA Drive FC 202

Maximum energy efficiency for water and wastewater applications.

The VLT AQUA Drive provides the highest level of performance in AC-motor-driven water and wastewater applications. With a range of powerful standard features, which can be expanded with performance-improving options, the drive is equally suited to both new and retrofit projects.

  • Specially designed software prevents water hammering
  • Back-channel-cooling transfers 90% of heat away
  • Built-in, scalable RFI filter and integrated DC link chokes
  • Freely programmable warnings and alerts
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VLT AutomationDrive FC 301/302

Versatile, reliable and consistently awesome.

Built to last, these drives operate effectively in demanding applications and challenging environments. AutomationDrive comes in a standard version (FC 301) and an advanced high dynamic version (FC 302) with additional functionalities.

  • Suits asynchronous and permanent magnet motors
  • Save energy with increased flexibility
  • Reduce costs related to spare parts and servicing
  • Optimise process control on industrial production lines
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Built-in functionality for enhanced control.
  • Compact in size and packed with functionality
  • Integral DIN rail mounting
  • Easy-access terminals for fast installation and set-up
  • Create application-specific parameter sets
  • Build individual control logic into the drive with PLC functionality


Maximum performance in demanding environments.

Decentralised drives can either be mounted directly onto a motor or close by. Outdoor enclosure protection ensures maximum performance in challenging conditions where heat, dirt and vibration levels are high.

  • Reduce cabling costs by installing close to the motor
  • Protective vent ensures interior pressure is equalised
  • Quick to install and easy to keep clean
  • Built-in PLC functionality for custom-made software solutions
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Dedicated functionality for pumps, fans and compressors.

VACON 100 FLOW is an AC drive dedicated to improving flow control and saving energy in industrial pump and fan applications.

  • Multipump solutions and application selection menus
  • Protect pipes and equipment to ensure reliable operation
  • Standard PID control uses a sensor to control pump speed
  • Accurate process control, optimised energy savings


Maximum performance in demanding environments.

VACON 100 X features highly advanced control capability for almost all kinds of applications where a decentralised and robust solution is the best option.

All power components, including harmonic filtering chokes, are built into one compact and robust unit. A single terminal box contains the control unit and all wiring, freeing up space elsewhere.



AC drive for heavy use in machines, buildings, and industry.

Typical applications for the VACON NXS include pumps, multi-pump, conveyors, and compressors. Get simplified programming, flexible I/O selection, and modular packaging to suit your application.


Precise and powerful performance.

VACON NXP Air Cooled drives offer precision and power to applications that require a robust and dynamic performance. Available in a complete power range up to 2 MW, they are provided as wall-mounted, standalone enclosed and IP00 modules.


Flexible, robust and serviceable.

VACON NXC are compact, enclosed drives that perform reliably in harsh operating conditions within the mining, oil and gas, or water and wastewater industries. A thermally managed enclosure extends drive lifetime and ensures trouble-free operation.


VLT Compact Starter MCD 201/202

Compact but powerful soft starters.

Two series of soft starters that provide a total motor starting solution for motors up to 110 kW. The MCD 201 compact starter offers efficient motor-starting features, while the extended MCD 202 version of the compact starter provides enhanced soft-start functionality and additional motor-protection features.

The series of soft starters offer easy DIN rail mounting for sizes up to 30 kW, 2-wire or 3-wire start/stop control and excellent starting duty (4 x le for 6 seconds; heavy starting ratings at 4 x le for 20 seconds). They are compatible with grounded delta power systems.

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VLT Soft Starter MCD 500


The MCD 500 has reached the Limited phase of its life cycle and is no longer in active production. We can help you select an optimal replacement for your soft starter application.

Refer to MCD 600 below.

VLT Soft Starter MCD 600

Superior soft start performance for fixed-speed applications.

The VLT Soft Starter MCD 600 combines the latest in advanced controls and protections with an increased level of intelligence for superior performance in fixed-speed applications.

The MCD 600 is more flexible than ever to install, thanks to a wide variety of Ethernet and serial-based communication option cards, application-dedicated smart cards and support for eight languages.

  • Integrated bypass ensures efficient harmonic-free operation
  • Reduces energy consumption and required cooling capacity
  • Pump-clean function & PowerThrough operation
  • Calendar or run time-based scheduling
  • Extensive motor and starter protections
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