Purge & Pressurisation

Hazardous areas pose complex risks. Purge & Pressurisation (Ex p) is a simple solution.

All electrical enclosures located within hazardous areas must be IECEx certified using a recognised protection method.

Purge & pressurisation (Ex p) is a straightforward and flexible solution for electrical enclosures, cabinets, motors, and even entire rooms.

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How does purge & pressurisation work?

Purge & pressurisation (Ex p) technology is employed across oil & gas, chemical & petrochemical, pharmaceutical manufacturing and power generation.


A purging system provides clean, dry instrument air to an electrical enclosure or cabinet. Air flows at a high flow rate for a set amount of time.

This expels any potentially flammable atmosphere remaining inside the enclosure.

Enclosure pressure and purge flow are constantly monitored.

Components inside the enclosure are not energised.


After purging is complete, the system then supplies sufficient airflow to maintain a constant pressure within the enclosure, compensating for any small leaks.

This prevents ingress of the outside atmosphere.

Enclosure pressure is monitored.

The enclosure contents can now be safely energised.

Channel partner for Expo Technologies.

Pacific Automation is the exclusive national sales and service partner for Expo Technologies in Australia.

Founded in 1954, Expo Technologies is headquartered in London, with additional offices and manufacturing centres in the US and Asia. Expo provide robust and certified solutions for hazardous area electrical enclosures and purge & pressurisation systems.

Our team is fully trained and certified across the Expo product range.

Field servicing available for any make and model.

Yes, we do house calls. Our technicians can inspect, assess and service all industrial purge and pressurisation systems.

Overshooting or undershooting your pressurisation marks? Bring us in to troubleshoot. Unsure what size system you'll need for your motor enclosure? We'll help.

Comprehensive support is on offer, including scheduled servicing, compliance checks, equipment modifications, upgrades, retrofits and full rebuilds of existing systems.

Solutions designed for Zones 1 & 2 and 21 & 22.

Working with hazardous zones? We've got you covered. Ex p is a reliable solution that suits applications across oil & gas, chemical and petrochemical, pharmaceutical manufacturing and power generation.

Purged and pressurised enclosures for electrical and electronic equipment can be fully IECEx certified. Protect an electrical enclosure or cabinet, a motor enclosure, or an entire control room.

Purged and pressurised enclosures for electrical equipment.

Purge & pressurisation (Ex p) is ideal for protecting electrical equipment that is too large to be made explosion proof (Ex d).

Protect electrical equipment contained inside enclosures, control panels and cabinets located within hazardous areas. With simple installation and operation, gain reliability and long service life.

Potential applications include flammable gas analysers, computers, monitors, printers and barcoding systems, data recorders, instrumentation and electrical panels.

The ideal solution for large motor enclosures.

Explosion proof (Ex d) or increased safety (Ex e) protection methods can be difficult to achieve or prohibitively expensive for large volume or high powered motors.

Purge and pressurisation (Ex p) systems first purge a motor enclosure with clean air, then maintain a slight over-pressure in service. This allows the enclosure to be economically designed and constructed.

Ex p equipment is easily maintained, and permits high accessibility for motor service and maintenance. Motor applications can include pumps, fans, blowers, compressors or entire plants.

Pressurise an entire room.

Need to protect something a little larger? Achieve full declassification inside your drill control room, pump room, DCS room or portable laboratory container.

Self-contained spaces allow the use of standard industrial equipment, with common operator ingress and egress through single or multiple doors. Specify the ventilation capacity you need. Opt for filtration if required.

We'll work with you to design and build a custom solution that fully complies with EN 60079-13.

Specific solutions for specific requirements.

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