Expo design engineered solutions that are plant and equipment specific, ensuring that all hazardous area safety measures and standards are met and exceeded. Founded in 1954, Expo Technologies is headquartered in London, with additional offices and manufacturing centres in the US and Asia. 

Pacific Automation is the channel partner for Expo Technologies in Australia. We provide reliable solutions to the oil and gas, petrochemical, and mining industries for over 40 years. We offer local and remote onsite support, plus expert assistance with commissioning, technical setup, and troubleshooting. 

 Let our team help to find the right product and solution for your application!

Motor Purge & Pressurisation

Expo specialise in purge and pressurisation solutions for large electric motors and generators. Models for high-flow, large scale and Ex p applications are designed for operation within low and high temperature environments. Stainless steel units are ideal for harsh operating conditions.

Expo systems including CLAPS (Closed Loop Automatic Pressurisation System) can virtually eliminate motor trips due to local changes in enclosure pressure.

  • Variable motor purge flow rates
  • Purge timers for accurate and repeatable purge times
  • Battery or EPPS variants
  • Ex e junction box/terminals for system status and alarms W/Optional Ex i, Ex d junction boxes
  • IECEx requirements for Gas Zones 1 & 2, Gas Groups IIA, IIB & IIC
  • IECEx requirements for Dust Zones 21 & 22, Gas Groups IIIA, IIIB & IIIC
  • NPFA requirements for Class I Div 1 & 2/ Zone 1 & 2. Class II Div 1 & 2 / Zone 21 / Zone 22
  • KOSHA, EAC and INMETRO certification

Enclosure Purge Systems

Expo’s enclosure purge systems are simple and effective method to achieve certification while protecting your hazardous area electrical equipment.

Solutions are available to suit all unique requirements. Choose from leakage compensation or continuous flow models, alongside simplified dust and environmental pressurisation systems.

Mini-Purge and Smart-Purge platforms offer flexibility across a broad range of applications, while customised solutions can be designed and built to order in line with your specifications.

  • Expo systems operate in flammable-gas or vapour hazardous areas
  • Proven and tested solutions for electrical enclosure protection and OEM products
  • Product configuration tool for specific requirements
  • Approved for use in gas and dust environments under IECEx & NEC
  • Suitable for Zone 1&2, 21 & 22; Class I Div 1&2, Class II Div 1&2; Class I Zone 1&2, Class II Zone 21 and 22
  • Customised Mini-Purge and SmartPurge options

Hazardous Area Enclosures

Unlike many mass-produced options available, Expo’s range of hazardous area enclosures is built for certification to withstand prolonged use in industrial settings.

Ideal for environments where gas and dust are present, fully customise an Expo enclosure to meet situational requirements, from 316L stainless steel or painted mild steel.

With more than 2,500 enclosures built and delivered worldwide, make Expo your first choice for a hazardous area enclosure, whether fast-tracked or fully custom.

Key features:

  • Enclosures certified to Ex p, Ex e, Ex nR or Ex t standards
  • Request a Manufacturer’s Declaration of Conformity (MDOC) or manage certification through a Notified Body
  • Customise for shapes, sizes, and unique applications
  • FastTrack delivery options
  • Digital product brochure available

Can be ordered to IP54, IP66 or 4X levels of ingress protection


Expo manufactures a full range of accessories and spare parts to complement and complete the installation of your hazardous area machinery and equipment.

Take care of your most common associated problems – from temperature control to power supplies and operator interface – with an Expo accessory tailored to your industry needs.

Key products:

  • Electro-Pneumatic Power Supply (EPPS) for independent IS powered MotorPurge systems
  • Friction-free Intrinsically Safe valves for switching performance in pneumatically control circuits
  • Operator Interface Adaptors: for the use of standard membrane pad HMI's throughout purge & pressure enclosures
  • In-line air heaters and filter units; cabinet coolers for high thermal loads & Interface solutions for Mini-Purge and SmartPurge systems