Danfoss is a global leader in the design and manufacture of low-voltage AC drives and industrial motor control solutions.

In 2014, Danfoss acquired VACON, a Finnish manufacturer of variable-speed AC drives. Danfoss and VACON power modern industrial sectors where fans, pumps and compressors are central.

Pacific Automation is a channel partner and distributor of Danfoss & VACON drives.

We supply industry-specific motor control solutions from both ranges across Western Australia and New South Wales, including variable speed drives (VSD's), soft starters, and harmonic filters.

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We're authorised Australian distributors for Danfoss and VACON drives across WA & NSW.

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Danfoss Variable Speed Drives

Danfoss Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) are at the forefront of innovative drive solutions. Well-suited to industrial automation, the Danfoss VLT series of low-voltage drives are packed with functionality to keep your equipment running smoothly.

Choose from the Danfoss VSD small units perfect for high-density layouts, through to powerful and robust outdoor IP66 solutions.

  • Dedicated automation drives in multiple variants
  • Featuring standard & dynamic braking
  • Aqua Drives equipped with cascade controllers
  • Midi Drives for food, beverage, material handling & processing

VACON Variable Speed Drives

VACON focuses on adaptability for heavy industry and robust applications. Designed to save on energy costs, Danfoss VACON VSDs integrate seamlessly with all major control systems. With a high level of programmable functionality, they are ideal for OEM operations.

The Danfoss VACON range is ideal for vertical movement, packaging, material handling, and flow control applications. Drives offer multiple connectivity options and adapt to all standard voltages.

  • Danfoss PLC software & programming wizard available
  • Cold-Plate variant for specialised cooling requirements
  • Control flow while saving energy
  • Suited to high-power sizes and system drives

Danfoss Soft Starters

VLT soft starters are superior, compact solutions for motor control and protection. Danfoss models are available with basic and advanced soft start/stop automatic controls, DIN rail mounting options, and adaptive functionality.

Soft starter packages are designed for simple integration and easy connectivity to various Fieldbus networks.

  • Compatible with grounded delta power systems
  • Voltage ramp up/down functions
  • No external cooling or oversizing necessary
  • Intelligent fixed-speed variants

Danfoss Harmonic Filters

Danfoss offer a range of solutions for harmonic mitigation within industrial applications.

VLT® Sine-wave Filter MCC 101 output filters are differential-mode low-pass filters that suppress the switching frequency component from the drive and smooth out the phase-to-phase output voltage of the drive to become sinusoidal. This reduces the motor insulation stress and bearing currents.

  • Cost effective & robust harmonic solutions
  • Improve system efficiency for clean grids & long-term energy savings
  • Well-suited for retrofit applications
  • Space-saving components

Danfoss Pressure Transmitters

Danfoss pressure transmitters offer reliable measurement in harsh industrial environments.

Series MBS 3000 compact pressure transmitters are designed for reliable pressure measurement. Designed for severe industrial and hydraulic environments.

Series MBS 3050 with integrated pulse-snubber are ideal for hydraulic applications with severe medium influences like cavitation, liquid hammer, or pressure peaks.

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