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Thermon - Process heating solutions

Case Study: Tracing a 1.6km Bitumen Pipeline

Case Study Highlight

Implementing a heat trace cabling solution for a 1.6km bitumen pipeline has simplified operations for an industrial marine port operator in Kwinana, Western Australia.

By using HTEK Series constant watt heating cable, we cut down on the number of power connection points required. The site operators have benefited from simpler, more efficient operation, and lower maintenance requirements.

Partnered with Thermon - leaders in process heating.

Thermon provide engineered process heating solutions for industries including oil & gas, mining, chemical processing and power generation.

Pacific Automation are the Thermon channel partner in Australia for industrial applications. Our process heating specialists can help you to select products, then design and coordinate Thermon heat trace and immersion heating installations for your site or operations.

We've seen Thermon heat trace still going strong after 30 years. We're proud to work with Thermon products.

Industrial heat trace cable for large pipelines.

Electric heat trace cabling is used to maintain or raise the temperature of pipelines, tanks and vessels. Industrial heat trace is designed to reach the high temperatures required by industrial processes. It's cost-effective and highly efficient.

Heat trace is a flexible solution, and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Choosing the right cable can lead to significant energy and cost savings. With self regulating, constant wattage cable and more options available, determining the best solution can be tricky. We're here to help.

Pre-insulated, heat traced, tubing bundles for small bore pipes.

Sample a smokestack from the top and take it down to an analyser, preserving the exact conditions for accurate emissions measurement. Collect natural gas samples from a production stream and accurately test for trace levels of mercury and chlorides.

Tubing bundles are flexible solutions, ideal for analytical and process instrumentation. Applications include impulse lines, sample lines, and small diameter process lines.

Work with our specialists to come up with a custom design that suits your needs. Include control cables for CEMS emission monitoring. Electrocoat tubing, or specify a superalloy like Hastelloy® for ultimate corrosion resistance.

Control systems for unrivalled operation, monitoring and insights.

Control and monitoring options for heat trace installations vary based on operational complexity. A simple trace heating thermostat won't cut it for larger systems.

Genesis highlights Thermon's capacity in the Industrial Internet of Things space. It's a wireless system for monitoring and controlling heat trace from your control room. Display alarm status and summaries. Communicate with panels and controllers across your entire facility.

Additionally, Genesis collects performance data from your heating system over time for analysis, reporting and troubleshooting. Shift toward a predictive maintenance model. Cut down on maintenance hours. Increase your uptime.

Industrial circulation & immersion heaters for tanks.

Industrial circulation heaters are ideal for quick heat up. They're used for raising the temperature of liquids from input to output. We'll help you choose the right model by calculating your volume, speed and power requirements.

Large tank immersion heaters are ideal for side mounting. They provide the required heat to maintain or heat up any process liquid, including water, caustic chemicals, lubrication oils, tallows, or food & beverage constituents.

Engineered systems for very specific requirements.

If you have a highly specific application, you'll need a unique process heating solution. Careful design and engineering will reduce demand on your heating system. Tell us what you're after. The possibilities are vast.

Engineer a vaporisation system for anhydrous and aqueous ammonia to control nitrous oxide emissions in selective catalytic reduction applications. Build a liquid heat transfer system for molds, platens, or presses that can handle up to 375°C under negligible pressure conditions.

We can usually present a few different options for your project, taking into account your specific requirements and preferences around requirements, costs, and timeframes.

Specific solutions for specific requirements.

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