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Safety for humans and machines.

We proudly present a comprehensive range of safety solutions designed to prioritise workplace safety. From hinge switches, safety sensors, illuminated e-stops, and footswitches courtesy of Bernstein to the signal tower lighting expertise brought to you by Werma, all at the forefront of industrial safety technology.

Our team can support you with the right products and solutions to make your operations safe.

We'll help solve your workplace safety challenges.

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Safety is your top priority.

We get it!

Pacific Automation have partnered with Bernstein and Werma to provide you with safety products and solutions that work together to manage risks at work.

Ideally suited to industrial manufacturing and operational industries.

Learn more about the emergency stop device in action.

Learn more about the daisy-chain diagnostic in action.

Machine Guarding Solutions


Introducing BERNSTEIN's safety hinge switch series, SHS and SHS3, both with integrated safety contact.

They replace the conventional load bearing hinge of a safety door, protective hoods and safety guards, and are hardly noticeable - making them more tamper-proof than a visible position switch.

Bernstein hinge switches are easy to install, with no actuator necessary. Get reliable operation with little risk of injury.

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SMART Safety RFID Sensors


Contactless SMART Safety Sensors support the implementation of a safe smart factory.

SRF sensors monitor movable protective devices such as flaps, doors or grilles. They protect employees from injuries by switching off machines and systems if protective devices are not properly closed.

Diagnostic data is read into the machine control via IO-Link, or alternatively can be displayed on your smartphone via NFC.

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Build a SMART diagnostic system.

When operations stop, how do you know which button was pushed?

Downtimes can be shortened or completely avoided by the clearly visible LED on Bernstein's SEU e-stop. No more wasted time fault-finding.

And go further with simple drag-and-drop configuration software to help you set up an intelligent diagnostic system. No programming required.

You'll receive comprehensive diagnostic data of all installed components of your safety system. Errors can be easily identified.

Customised Industrial Operator Stations for All Applications

Optimising Industrial Control

In the world of industrial automation, BERNSTEIN's Operator Stations stand as a beacon of ergonomic excellence.

Bernstein's stations are meticulously crafted to adapt effortlessly to individual body dimensions and requirements, ensuring operators can command production processes with ease.

Our product portfolio offers limitless customisation possibilities, allowing you to create operator stations that align perfectly with your unique needs.

Bernstein specialises in assembling and integrating a wide range of components as per your specifications, from power supplies and control elements to keypads and displays. Simply inform us of your component needs, and we will seamlessly incorporate them into your customised Bernstein operator station.

Elevate your production precision by exploring and download the operators station catalog here.

Individual Safety Solutions

Limit Switches

Limit switches from Bernstein are interchangeable and widely compatible. Explore a wide range of options.


Guard Locking Switches

Ensure the safe operation of doors and gates around high-risk industrial processes with interlock switches.


Foot Switches

EN ISO 12100 compliant foot switches with a range of options: enable function, safety latch, e-stops and more.


Rope Pull Switches

Self-monitored switches alert you if the rope tension is incorrect. Prevent incidents before they happen.


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