Pacific Automation are national Australian distributors for Werma products.

Leaders in modern signal technology, the Werma range includes signal beacons, lights, and towers, as well as buzzers, horns and combination sounders.

Designed for process optimisation and industrial automation, Werma offer clever solutions that simply work. Pacific Automation offer technical support and distribution for the full Werma range of industrial signalling.

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Stack & Tower Lights

Tower lights, also known as signal towers, stack lights, or Andon lights, are designed for industrial automation applications. Tower lights give operators a clear visual indication of current processes, helping to reduce wait times in manufacturing applications.

Werma offer modular signal towers, designed for easy retrofit and combination and ideal for mounting within enclosures or atop machinery.

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Optical Beacons

Designed for clear optical signalling of risks, hazards, and alerts. Werma optical signal beacons are available with various colours, types and durations of signals.

Choose between base-mounting beacons for direct attachment to objects and installation beacons designed for existing holes. AC and DC options are available to suit your requirements.

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Sirens & Horns

Acoustic signals are understood across the entire world, regardless of language and alphabet. Sirens and horns can be used where signalling with lights is insufficient or even unsuitable.

Browse the Werma range of sirens, horns and buzzers designed for industrial automation. A range of attention-grabbing alarm tones, options for AC and DC power input, and heavy-duty models are all available.

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Combination Beacon Sounders

Visual signals aren't always within a machine operators' field of view. In such cases, an audible signal is also required. Likewise, acoustic warning signals can be missed in loud environments. Here, an additional visual alarm guarantees safety and reliability.

Werma combination beacon sounders are available with both AC and DC input, various base-mount options, and configurations. Our technical team can help you choose the most suitable variant.

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