Hazardous Area Sensors

Monitor conditions across potentially explosive atmospheres.

We supply IECEx-certified sensors for use within hazardous areas.

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Keep an eye on your operations.

Using IECEx-certified sensors, you can accurately perform position & object detection, distance and level measurement across your plant, no matter the zone rating.

Keeping an eye on equipment condition is critical. Hazardous areas within petrochemical plants, grain elevators, feed mills and mine sites shouldn't be black spots for condition monitoring.

Record vibration and temperature levels from motors, pumps and critical equipment with certified wireless condition monitoring sensors. Harness valuable insights from hard-to-access zones and make predictive decisions on maintenance scheduling.

Our team is on hand to assist you with sensor selection & suitability for hazardous area applications.

Partnered with leading sensor companies.

Rechner design and manufacture capacitive-sensing technologies for industrial automation, level control, and quality control applications. We supply their IECEx-certified inductive and capacitive sensors across potentially explosive atmospheres.

Balluff are specialists in sensor technology for industrial automation. Balluff produce a range of IECEx-certified linear transducers suitable for use within hazardous areas.

Advantech are leaders in industrial communications technologies that connect the Industrial Internet of Things. We supply their IECEx-certified wireless sensors for condition monitoring within hazardous rated areas.

Inductive sensors for hazardous areas.

Inductive sensors detect using a magnetic field. They are used to detect ferrous materials. This touchless technology results in a mechanical lifespan that is technically unlimited.

Accordingly, inductive sensors are a robust solution for harsh industrial applications involving high temperatures, humidity and condensation, and contaminants including sand or grease.

Inductive sensors within hazardous areas can cover metalliferous mining operations and materials handling conveyor belts. Protection methods including encapsulation will cover lesser rated zones, while intrinsically safe sensors are available for higher rated applications.

Capacitive sensors for hazardous areas.

Capacitive sensors are switches that have no moving parts. They measure using an electric field and can also detect non-ferrous materials and metals.

Capacitive sensors can be found within hazardous areas covering handling applications within the coal, sugar, grain and pharmaceutical industries. This can include level monitoring of solids including powders and granulates, adhesive liquids including oil, glues, and object position detection.

Both barrel and probe-style capacitive sensors can be supplied on request. Intrinsically safe capacitive sensors used in conjunction with intrinsic safety barriers are suitable for specific applications within zones 0 and 20.

Sensors with FDA and EHEDG certification are available for food production applications.

IECEx-certified linear transducers.

Linear transducers are position sensors. They measure movement along a single axis in any direction. The sensor converts the movement into an electrical signal, which is proportional to the displacement.

Linear transducers are available in various sizes to suit long range applications or applications where space is restricted. Common applications within hazardous areas include monitoring hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders.

IECEx-certified wireless sensors for predictive maintenance.

Are you servicing pumps and motors on regular intervals? Or only once they've failed? If so, it's time to consider a change.

Predictive maintenance collects data from multiple points across your operations. Vibration and temperature levels from pumps, motors and conveyor belts are typical examples.

Wireless IoT sensors can be easily integrated with existing infrastructure and equipment. Many of these sensors utilise LoraWAN — a low power, wide area network technology capable of spanning up to 10km in ideal scenarios.

The Advantech WISE-2410x is designed for condition monitoring. It's fully IECEx-certified. Utilise it to monitor temperature and vibration levels, and start performing maintenance on an 'as-required' basis.

Pull actionable information from the plant floor and into your hands. Monitor equipment conditions and reduce your downtime.

Wireless Solution for Major Grain Terminal

Case Study Highlight

We've recently begun implementing a LoraWAN sensor solution for a major grain handling terminal in Western Australia. The site accounts for over fifty percent of state exports.

Utilising the Advantech WISE-2410x sensor together with WISE-6610 gateways, we've significantly cut down on infrastructure requirements. These sensors are battery powered, and each gateway can manage up to 500 sensors. This makes installation faster, and cheaper to implement.

Once complete, this condition monitoring solution will provide real-time updates on critical machinery, and give early indications of pending equipment failure.

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