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Balluff is a recognised global leader in sensor technology, with rotary and linear transducers and identification systems, through high-performance network and connection technology. 

  • Suitable for robust applications
  • An innovative array of products
  • Network and connection functionality

Our partnership with Balluff plays a critical role for our customers in the industrial automation space, and when performance and reliability are essential.

We offer premium sensors and systems for a broad range of requirements, from position reading and identification to object recognition and fluid measurement.

The Pacific Automation team can determine and supply a Balluff solution for you – whether for regular or challenging use – and back it up with our brand expertise and ongoing product support.

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Balluff manufactures first-class sensor technology for a wide range of industry sectors and uses. With quality management certified under DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, Balluff’s products are tested in their accredited labs to meet regional and international standards worldwide.

Magnetic Sensors

Balluff’s magnetic field sensors are your reliable solution for piston measurement on grippers and cylinders, providing contactless and dependable service. Reliably monitor the position of your machinery at all times – with no contact erosion or bounce – even at high movement speeds.

Ultrasonic Sensors

The Jack-of-all-trades for position reading, distance measurement and the detection of solid, powder, or liquid media: Balluff’s BUS sensors offer a precise all round solution. These ultrasonic units feature selectable differentiated output functions – and can be used as NC or NO sensors – with extreme precision and resistance to impurities.

Mechanical Cam Switches

A reliable workhorse throughout the metalworking and automotive sectors, Balluff’s Cam Switches are often relied on in hard-working fields. Used for decades as positioning and limit switches, these units can be applied to machine tools and presses, flexible production centres, robots, assembly and conveying equipment.

RFID Solutions

Our selection of Balluff BIS Industrial RFID systems can collate the multiple information streams of a modern industrial workspace. Featuring innovative products for low frequency (LF), high frequency (HF) and ultra-high frequency (UHF) range, the BIS V frequency-independent processor allows all systems.


For machine safety equipment suited to industrial automation use, Pacific Automation and Balluff have the answers. From safe I/O modules, switches and sensors through to optoelectronic, guard locking and safety command devices, look no further than our hard-wearing product range.


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