Conveyor Lighting

Light your conveyor belts and walkways to Australian Standards.

LED conveyor lighting from Raytec are ideal for both new projects and retrofits. See the fittings below.

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Raytec fittings thrive in harsh environments.

They're an ideal match for the Australian mining industry.

Shock and vibration-resistant, with high protection ratings against water and dust, choose Raytec now for ultra-low maintenance in the future. Standard and emergency variants are available.

Plus, get peace of mind with an industry-leading 5 year warranty.

Raytec PMI Conveyor Light Raytec PMI Emergency Conveyor Light

Work with us to light your conveyor belt.

Our technical team have plenty of experience designing for and supplying to the mining industry.

If you're looking to transition away from HID or legacy lighting, the benefits of modern LED lighting for industry are numerous.

We can also work with you to produce full lighting designs and mockups.

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Conveyor belt looking a bit dim?

Get in touch with our team today. We can provide expert technical advice and support.

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