Hazardous Area Control Panels

We'll help you configure a flexible and functional control panel — with full IECEx certification.

We specialise in electrical control panels and distribution boards located within hazardous areas.

Engage with our technical team for selection and configuration.

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We think inside the box.

Control panels are the beating heart of any modern production environment. They serve a diverse range of functions, and contain a wide variety of components.

Engage our team for smart product selection and configuration. We'll work with you to design your ideal panel in line with IECEX.

Control your lighting across hazardous areas. Monitor your active production lines. Operate heat trace circuits across your plant. Control your automation equipment from a central location.

Achieve IECEx compliance through approved protection methods.

​Need a protected control panel for a potentially explosive atmosphere?

We can assist with selection and configuration to cover both zones 1 & 2 for gas, and zones 21 & 22 for dust.

Choosing the right protection method, or combination of methods, will enable you to utilise the components you need.

Ex d — protection by enclosure.

For applications in gaseous environments. Enclosures are built strong enough to withstand an internal explosion. Critical aspects for this method include enclosure strength, and taking into consideration flame paths, pressure piling and entry devices.

Ex td — protection by enclosure.

For applications in dust environments. Enclosure design restricts the ingress of dust by using dust-tight protected enclosures. Avoids explosion risks by placing electrical components within a sealed and certified enclosure.

Ex e — increased safety.

For normally non-sparking apparatus. This design disallows any uncertified components - anything capable of generating a spark. Critical aspects for this method include creepage and clearance distances, enclosure design, plus wiring and termination heat loss considerations.

Ex n - reduced risk.

This protection method covers several sub-methods. In most cases, these are simplified versions of existing types of protection under IEC 60079-15. This includes Ex nA - non-arcing; Ex nC - enclosed construction; and Ex nR - restricted breathing.

Ex i - intrinsic safety.

This protection method limits the voltage and current going into the enclosure to a level that is unable to produce a igniting spark. Intrinsically safe circuits are usually supplied from a safe area, limiting voltage via Zener diodes and current via a resistor. Cable length must be considered in line with IEC 60079-14 as this can affect certification verification pre-commissioning.

Ex p — pressurised enclosures.

Commonly referred to as Purge & Pressurisation. This protection method keeps the dangerous atmosphere outside of the enclosure through overpressure. Ex p allows uncertified components to be safely located within hazardous zones. Ideal for larger enclosures and components.

Design a bespoke enclosure to your exact requirements.

Specify your cable entry quantities and cable gland requirement types. Add a thermoresistant tempered glass window for simple identification and inspection. Meters, digital panels, and pushbuttons can be included as required.

Enclosure location will dictate the level of material corrosion resistance required. Options include electropolished stainless steel, copper-free aluminium or glass-fibre reinforced polyester (GRP).

Large control panels for complex systems.

Control stations consist of multiple enclosures linked by certified couplers. We can assist with solutions for larger operations, including manufacturing plants, onshore gas processing plants, and power generation facilities.

We'll take the time to understand your exact requirements and help you customise a solution for your exact application, environment, control type and communication requirements.

Design possibilities are endless, so make sure you're dealing with an experienced technical team. Reliability, safety, and intelligence are our areas of focus.

Specific solutions for specific requirements.

Need information about hazardous area control panels for your operations? Talk to our friendly team of hazardous area control panel experts today.

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