LED Lighting for Industrial Applications

Pacific Automation understands the challenges of lighting in industrial applications. High temperatures, high vibration and aggressive substances can affect the performance of light fittings. Working with our supply partners including Raytec, we can supply an energy efficient LED lighting solution.

Lighting Design

We offer an in-house design service that tailors a solution to best fit your lighting needs.

    Hazardous Area Lighting

    We provide lighting products that are certified for use in hazardous and explosive areas such as wheat, gas, oil and coal.

      Industrial Lighting

      Industrial needs are different. Total Cost of Ownership weighed against "fit for purpose" all within an industry context needs to be considered. With this in mind, we believe we have the right industrial lighting product for any industrial application.

        Mining Lighting

        We have an excellent range of low-maintenance mining lighting solutions. Our experience and attention to details means that your mines future has never looked brighter.