High Mast & High Power — The HMX Series from Luminetic

Tuesday, 1 February 2022
This month, we're highlighting the HMX Series of high mast LED light fittings from Luminetic.

If you haven't yet come across this brand, Luminetic is our trusted industrial lighting brand here at Pacific Automation. Our lighting team has worked hard over the last few years to identify and to build a great relationship with an established LED lighting manufacturer.
We've worked closely with their design team and made a few key tweaks to get the fittings perfectly suited to tough industrial environments and harsh Australian weather conditions.
Our focus this month is the HMX Series. With sizes from 200W ranging all the way up to 1200W, HMX fittings are made to light up your exterior areas. They combine high output with controlled distribution.

HMX Series fittings include a 200W, 400W, 600W, 800W and 1200W fitting.

Typical applications for high mast fittings:

High mast fittings will be pole mounted from 12 up to 30 metres high. From these vantage points, they provide wide, even illumination across large areas.

The benefits of LED technology really kick in here. With much lower maintenance requirements over traditional lamps, you'll save time going up and down poles to service fittings.

We typically employ HMX fittings in large exterior areas which can include marine ports, loading bays, car parks and sports ovals.
The fittings at the smaller end of the HMX range - 200 and 400W - are ideal for applications like lighting a raised walkway at night. We've previously supplied the 200W HMX Series fittings for mounting on the top of cranes at  a couple of Australian ports.
The fittings at the upper end of the range - the 600, 800 and 1200 watt sizes – can be utilised for various commercial and industrial applications, including lighting up laydown areas and tailings dams.
We recently completed a successful installation at a community sporting oval in Canning Vale, WA where we replaced traditional metal halide lamps with HMX 1200W fittings. The difference is night and day.

HMX Series fittings installed at a sports oval in Canning Vale, WA.

Key features:

If you have neighbours in the area surrounding your depot or yard operations, then you need to be very exact with where you send light.
The LED diodes on HMX panels have highly focused distribution optics. They don't spill out light in a 360* angle like traditional lamp technology does, but instead focuses the illumination in a controlled spread.
HMX fittings use a high quality Japanese Nichia LED chipset.  The fittings are rated to 60,000 hours at L70.
In simple terms this means that after 60,000 hours, you'll still have 70% of the original output. To put that in context, if your luminaires are running for 12 hours a day, these fittings will last approximately 12 years.

Japanese Nichia LED's balance high efficiency with a long lifetime.

All fittings are impact rated to IK08. This provides them with a good level of resistance to incidental impacts and possible vandalism.

They're also highly waterproof, with a rating of IP66 across the range. There's a stainless steel breather valve fitted on each panel to reduce condensation and to prevent moisture from gathering within the panel.
Another key feature is tool-less adjustment and carry handles on the mounting bracket. These’ll help with a nice and simple installation. The bracket itself is entirely stainless steel, so it's designed to handle exterior mounting within corrosive environments.

All power cables come protected with conduit as standard, which is great for Australian conditions where we have high UV exposure and the potential for bird damage.
Importantly, for ultimate peace of mind, Luminetic offer a no-fuss five year warranty on every fitting.


You've got a few options with the HMX Series.
The first to consider is your beam angle. Standard configuration is an asymmetrical beam angle - ideal for wide, but precise illumination.
If you're working on a project that needs focused illumination for a particular application, you may benefit from a specific beam angle instead. Choose from a 60°, 30°, 20° or as low as 10° beam angles for very focused applications.
You can also choose your driver options.
Smaller fittings, such as the 200W and 400W, typically have an integrated driver - it's mounted onto the fitting itself, nice and compact.
However, if you're pole mounting the larger wattages from 600W and up, you'll want to use a remote driver. This can be located closer to the ground, so it can be accessed and maintained easily. This also cuts down on the weight of the fitting - which helps during installation.
Other options for customisation are shown below. This includes power (240V or 415V), choosing a dimmable or non-dimmable driver, specifying your colour temperature (5000K standard) and finally choosing your power cable length.
HMX fittings are manufactured to your requirements with a short lead time. Whatever your project requirements, we can supply you with a fitting to suit.

Customisation options for HMX Series fittings.

Lighting design service:

Did you know that we offer a complementary lighting design service? Get in touch with our lighting team today and we can have a chat about how we can help you with your next project.
We'll help make sure your lighting plan will provide adequate illumination in all areas. This will be done in line with Australian Standards where applicable. These Standards clearly define the lux levels required for certain tasks and activities.
We've got demo units of the HMX in stock across the country at our Pacific Automation offices, so you're more than welcome to come in, check it out, and have a chat about potential applications.