High performance, high mast LED fittings.

HMX Series fittings are tough, durable, and designed for the big jobs.

Get 140lm/W efficacy across the range—with up to 172,000lm output.

HMX Series — Product Overview

Incredible power, combined with focused distribution.

HMX fittings are built tough for Australian conditions.

Lighting Manager Ben give a quick overview of the HMX range.

Five year warranty.

No-fuss warranty. Any issues, we'll replace your fitting free of charge.

IP66 & IK08.

Built to last in Australian conditions. They can take the punishment.

HMX fittings are available in five different wattages.

HMX fittings can also be customised. Select your beam angle, driver options, power, and colour temperature. Specify your preference for a dimmable model or or extra cable length.

  • IP66, IK08 protection
  • Rated 60,000hr/L70 lifetime
  • Quality Japanese Nichia LED chip
  • AL1070 aluminium body, polycarbonate lens
  • Designed for large areas with precise light distribution
  • 5 year warranty
HMX 200W‎‎‎‏‏‎ HMX 400W‏‏‎‎ HMX 600W‏‏‎‎ HMX 800W‏‏‎‎ HMX 1200W

Built to last.

Hot summers? HMX Series fittings will comfortably operate in ambient temperatures up to 40°C with an integrated driver, or up to 45°C with a remote driver.

Wet winters? The fitted breather valve helps extract condensation from underneath the panel cover, making the HMX ideal for high humidity areas.

Rain or shine, they're built tough for harsh Australian conditions.

Integrated or remote driver option.

Standard configuration for 200 and 400W HMX fittings places the driver and all electrical components inside a sealed box, mounted on the back of the panel.

From 600W and up, we supply a remote driver box, which is typically mounted at the base of the pole. This keeps fitting weight down, making installation a breeze.

Both options provide ease of access and serviceability.

On-the-fly angle adjustments.

HMX fittings allow for the easy aiming and repositioning of luminaires to illuminate your target areas.

You'll appreciate this during the install. Angle adjustments can be made without tools, saving time and effort all around.


High mast fittings traditionally have been made heavy, bulky and just plain awkward. This makes installation tough, and can blow out timeframes and costs.

HMX fittings use a lightweight AL1070 aluminium housing with a polycarbonate lens. Integrated carry handles make lifting and positioning a breeze.

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