What's controlling your dewatering pump?

No more live electrical work.

The SC10 pump controller is one of the safest solutions on the market.

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SC10 Dewatering Pump Controller Overview

What's controlling your underground dewatering pump?

And is it the safest option?

Take a look at how you can improve your safe working practices.

No more live work.

Safely adjust the snore/stop current from outside the switchboard using external set buttons. Everyone goes home safe.

Get a clearer picture.

Set up remote monitoring and operation via MODBUS. Visualise realtime field data in the office and make informed decisions.

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  • 24V AC/DC
  • 4-20mA CT input
  • Digital current display
  • Multiple status feedback LEDs
  • Optional high/low level input
  • Certified to EN 61000-6-3:2007 +A1+AC
  • FCC Part 15B

The SC10 is available standalone, or as part of a pump controller retrofit kit with common accessories.

Find all specifications, datasheets, and retrofit guides below.

SC10 Standalone SC10 KIT

See the SC10 in action below.

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