Safety Rope Pull Switches

Maximum safety where it's needed.

Browse rope pull emergency stop switches from Bernstein.

Available with emergency stop or reset buttons to suit your installation.

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SRO Series

Good things come in small packages.

Particularly small and compact, SRO Series rope pull switches are available with emergency stop button (red) or reset button (blue) if your installation is concealed.

Choose between metal or thermoplastic variants – or a combination of both.

  • Max. rope length of 30m
  • Up to 4 contacts
  • Admissible TA: –30 to +75°C
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SRM Series

The weather-proof all-rounder.

Even under extreme conditions, such as major temperature fluctuations, you can count on SRM rope pull switches to work reliably.

With a durable IP67 die-cast aluminium housing, they're suitable for outdoor use.

  • Status display shows if too tight/slack
  • Switching status indicator shows locked/ready
  • Tele-indication possible through integrated sensor
  • Available with Quick-fix clamp or eyelet
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Quick-Fix Clamping Device

No more turnbuckles, cable grips, or eye stiffeners.

Quick-Fix means a simple setup.

Installation is fast. You can adjust tension easily too.

And the rope doesn't need stripping, so there's less chance of injury.

  • Die-cast zinc
  • Fine adjustment range: 40mm
  • Counter-spring available
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