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Looking for more safety for your team?

Safety interlocking switches from Bernstein help ensure the safe operation of doors and gates around high-risk industrial processes.

The SLC door interlock switch is modular and highly customisable. Explore your options below.


SLC Door Interlock Switch

Customisable. Modular. Economical.

If you need to open a door while your machine is switched off—for maintenance work, for example—the SLC has an Allen key-operated auxiliary manual release.

And with four slow-action contacts, you'll always be able to tell;

is the door closed or open? And locked or unlocked?

You can also choose from two different guard locking principles. This dictates behaviour during a power loss:

  • Spring-to-lock: must be energised to unlock.
  • Power-to-lock: must be de-energised to unlock.
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A truly modular switch.

Five head positions. Four actuator options. Plenty of flexibility.

Set the SLC switch up your way.

The modular metal head can rotate 4×90°, or pop off the top cover and actuate from above.

It's built to withstand high mechanical stress.

Choose from four different actuators, all high-quality stainless steel. Each actuator has a different minimum actuating radius.

Don't get stuck outside. Or caught inside.

Optional escape & emergency releases are available.

Set your team up with a clear path to safety—from either side of the door.

Escape release: enables immediate opening from inside the dangerous area in case of an emergency. Sold as a basic set, with extension modules (20 & 40mm) available.

Emergency release: for immediate opening from outside the dangerous area in case of an emergency.

Optional sliding handle actuator.

Everything you need to get started.

The ergonomic handle guarantees that the actuator inserts correctly, every time—even for doors that aren't perfectly aligned.

The variant with escape release (BF1-SLC ES) includes an additional handle to be able to open the door from within the danger area when using the function. This requires at least the basic set (ESCR-B).

Also available: SLK Door Interlock Switch

Plastic-bodied, with guard locking, Bernstein's type SLK door interlock switch is still in use across Australia and the world.

The SLK switch is available in versions with spring force locking action and magnetic force locking action.

If you've got an SLK switch installed and you're looking for a like-for-like replacement, you can pick one up online today.

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