Deciphering the Age of a Danfoss VLT Drive: An Essential Guide

Tuesday, 6 February 2024
One common enquiry we encounter is to determine the age of a Danfoss VLT drive, a critical piece of information for maintenance, warranty considerations, and system updates. 

As a leading channel partner of Danfoss products in Western Australia and New South Wales, Pacific Automation is committed to not only providing top-tier industrial automation solutions but also empowering our customers with the knowledge to understand their equipment thoroughly. 

The Serial Number: Your Key to Historical Data 

At the heart of each Danfoss VLT drive lies a unique identifier - the serial number. This alphanumeric code is more than just a random string; it's a historical record that, when decoded, reveals the drive's birthdate along with other crucial production details. 

Decoding Made Simple 

To decode a Danfoss VLT drive's serial number, one must understand the format: XXXXSSM 

WWY. Here's a step-by-step breakdown: 

XXXX: This represents the number of drives produced under that specific part number. It indicates the production sequence and can give insights into the manufacturing volume. 

SS: This two-digit code refers to the software version installed on the drive. Knowing the software version is critical for compatibility with other system components and for troubleshooting. 

G: Although it appears as 'M' in the breakdown, it's worth noting that 'G' usually stands for the location of manufacture, providing insights into the production origin. 

WW: These two digits reveal the week number within the calendar year when the drive was manufactured. It helps in understanding the production timeline. 

Y: The last digit denotes the year of manufacture. For instance, '0' corresponds to 2020, while '8' would indicate a production year of 2018. 

Case Study: Decoding a Danfoss VLT Drive Serial Number 

Let's apply this knowledge to a practical example. Consider a Danfoss VLT AQUA Drive with the following serial number part: 010024G201. 

Breaking it down: 

  • 0100: This drive is the 100th unit produced of its part number. 
  • 24: The software version is 24. 
  • G: The letter 'G' would normally stand for the place of manufacture, but for confidentiality, the specific location is not disclosed. 
  • 20: Manufactured in the 20th week of the year. 
  • 1: The year of manufacture is 2021. 
The drive-in question was manufactured in the 20th week of the year 2021. 

Why Is This Information Crucial? 

Understanding the age of your Danfoss VLT drive is not just about knowing a number; it's about planning for efficient maintenance schedules, ensuring warranty claims are valid, and being prepared for upgrades or replacements. In industries where downtime can have significant financial implications, such knowledge is invaluable. 

At Pacific Automation, we pride ourselves on not only supplying Danfoss products but also ensuring that our customers are well-equipped to utilise their equipment to its full potential. Should you require further assistance or clarity on interpreting the details of your Danfoss VLT drive or any other industrial automation components, our team is always available to provide comprehensive support. 

Remember, the longevity and reliability of your equipment are important to us. By understanding the age and production details of your VLT drive, you can make informed decisions that enhance performance and extend the lifespan of your machinery. With this knowledge, you're not just operating equipment; you're managing an asset. 

For further insights into the maintenance and optimisation of your industrial automation solutions, contact our team directly. Let Pacific Automation be your partner in maintaining the pulse of your industrial operations. 
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