Raytec Lighting Achieves Certification from Australasian Dark Sky Alliance (ADSA)

Wednesday, 14 February 2024
In a significant development, Pacific Automation is pleased to announce that Raytec represented in Australia by Pacific Automation, has received certification from the Australasian Dark Sky Alliance (ADSA).

In recognition of our dedication to environmental stewardship, our products have been awarded the ADSA Prized Wildlife Certification. This prestigious certification highlights our commitment to protecting coastal wildlife, particularly sea turtles, by implementing lighting solutions that mitigate disruptions to their natural habitats. This achievement underscores Raytec's commitment to environmental stewardship and its dedication to preserving the natural beauty of the night skies across Australia.  

What is the Australasian Dark Sky Alliance (ADSA)?

The Australasian Dark Sky Alliance (ADSA) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to combating light pollution and promoting responsible outdoor lighting practices. Founded in Australia, ADSA has gained recognition for its efforts in raising awareness about the detrimental effects of excessive artificial light on the environment, astronomy, and human health.

ADSA's mission revolves around preserving the natural darkness of the night sky by advocating for responsible lighting design, supporting local governments in implementing lighting regulations and certifying lighting products that meet stringent dark sky-friendly criteria.

Certification by ADSA

To receive certification from ADSA, lighting products must meet specific criteria outlined by the organisation. These criteria ensure that the products minimise light pollution and provide efficient and responsible illumination. Certified luminaires must adhere to strict guidelines, including the proper use of shielding, reduced glare, and efficient technology.

The certification process guarantees that a luminaire complies with dark sky principles and signifies a commitment to sustainability and a reduction in energy waste. By obtaining ADSA certification, Raytec demonstrates its dedication to eco-conscious manufacturing and its support for preserving the natural nighttime environment.

With this certification, Pacific Automation, the exclusive supplier of Raytec Australia-wide, and Raytec lighting are making a significant contribution to the fight against light pollution in Australia. This achievement aligns with Pacific Automation's mission to provide customers with environmentally responsible solutions for a brighter future.

Commenting on this milestone, Paul Overton, Product Manager at Pacific Automation, stated,

"We are proud to represent Raytec and their commitment to dark sky-friendly lighting solutions. This certification reaffirms our dedication to offering our customers not only cutting-edge technology but also products that are environmentally friendly and sustainable."

For more information about ADSA and its certification process, visit ADSA's official website. To explore Raytec's lighting-certified luminaires, view the range here.

In our collective efforts to create a sustainable and eco-friendly future, Pacific Automation continues to lead the way by offering innovative solutions that enhance industrial processes and preserve the beauty of our natural surroundings.