Discover Pacific Automation at Australia's Premier Industry Expos 2024

Thursday, 25 January 2024

Unveiling Innovations at APPEX 2024 and AMW 2024

APPEX 2024: A Hub for Process and Packaging Innovation

Pacific Automation are happy to announce its participation in Appex (Previously AUSPACK) 2024, the leading Process and Packaging expo, held in Melbourne from 12th to 15th March 2024.

This prestigious event is a gathering ground for industry leaders and innovators in the processing and packaging sector.
It provides a unique platform to explore the latest in packaging design, processing machinery, and cutting-edge technology.

By attending Appex 2024, Pacific Automation is set to showcase its commitment to delivering state-of-the-art solutions to the Australian market.

WHERE ARE WE? Booth G172 - Next to the Appex Restaurant!

Australian Manufacturing Week (AMW) 2024: Fostering Manufacturing Excellence

Following the Appex show, Pacific Automation is set to make its mark at the Australian Manufacturing Week (AMW) from 17th to 19th April 2024 in Sydney.

AMW 2024 serves as a crucial event for the manufacturing industry, bringing together key players to discuss trends, innovations, and the future of Australian manufacturing.

This event is a testament to Pacific Automation's dedication to supporting and growing the manufacturing sector with innovative automation solutions.

WHERE ARE WE? Booth RA420 - In the Robotics and Automation Zone

Pacific Automation's Showcase: Bernstein, Kubler, Rechner, and More

Pacific Automation is proud to present a range of products from renowned manufacturers:

Bernstein – Safety and Enclosure Solutions

Bernstein is globally recognised for its excellence in providing safety sensing and control products, and enclosures technology. The brand's commitment to quality and reliability makes it a preferred choice for industrial safety and protection solutions. At Pacific Automation, we harness Bernstein's expertise to offer robust solutions for our clients.

Kubler – Pioneers in Sensing and Counting Technology

Kubler stands at the forefront of innovation in the fields of rotation measurement and energy transfer. Their encoder and slip ring products, known for precision and durability, are essential in various industrial applications. Pacific Automation integrates Kubler's advanced technologies to elevate operational efficiencies.

Rechner Sensors – Leaders in Sensor Technology

Rechner Sensors has carved a niche in the sensor technology market for extended reliability with the highest quality products. Pacific Automation leverages Rechner's innovative solutions to enhance process automation across multiple industries.

Exciting Announcement: A New Manufacturer Brand

In March 2024, Pacific Automation is set to unveil a partnership with a new, yet-to-be-disclosed manufacturer brand. This collaboration promises to bring fresh, innovative solutions to our product portfolio, further strengthening our position in the automation industry.

Engaging Activities and Expert Presence at Our Booth

At the upcoming AMW and Appex shows, Pacific Automation is set to highlight our expansive range of products and solutions tailored specifically for OEMs, Machine Builders, and Integrators. Our booth will feature interactive demonstrations and in-depth insights into our latest offerings, alongside our manufacturer partners from Bernstein and Kubler, who will be lending their expertise.  

This collaborative showcase ensures an enriching experience for visitors, with the Pacific Automation team demonstrating our products' practical application and benefits in the industrial automation sector.

A word from Peter Hudson, Regional Sales Manager

Peter Hudson, Regional Sales Manager at Pacific Automation for the East Coast, emphasises the significance of these expos: 

"Participating in APPEX and AMW 2024 aligns perfectly with our mission to expand our presence on the East Coast. These events are pivotal in showcasing our capabilities on premium automation components, products, and solutions. It's an opportunity to connect with industry peers, understand market needs, and demonstrate how Pacific Automation can drive innovation and efficiency in the manufacturing sector."

Pacific Automation's presence at APPEX 2024 and AMW 2024 underscores our commitment to the Australian industrial automation sector. By showcasing leading brands and offering engaging experiences, we aim to fortify our relationships with existing clients and forge new partnerships. Join us in these events to explore how our solutions can transform your manufacturing processes and drive your business forward.

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