RFID Inc products are distributed in Australia exclusively by Pacific Automation.

RFID Inc are the longest active RFID company in the world. They are the pre-eminent source of RFID knowledge and a manufacturer of innovative devices and components for the industrial market.

Pacific Automation have been distributing and supporting customised RFID solutions since 1990.

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Smart Antenna Systems

Smart Antennas combine the traditional reader and antenna components into a single small housing. They come in networkable or direct serial formats.

Active RFID

Tres by RFID, Inc is a revolutionary product utilising the 433 MHz frequency to accomplish AVI (Automated Vehicle Identification), personnel/asset tracking and perimeter security functionality with unparalleled read range and flexibility. The tres active tags (CS and MM) have a replaceable battery which allows the user to enjoy a declining per year tag cost by simply following the warranty instructions for battery replacement, thereby renewing the tag warranty in three-year increments. 

RFID tags are designed to withstand the rigors of everyday usage and the label can be customized to meet specific aesthetic requirements. By utilizing the varied mounting hardware options, these tags can be used as windshield tags, personnel badges, visor clips or even hangtags for vehicles. The MM (metal mount) tag is designed for semi-permanent attachment to assets using screws or bolts.

Passive RFID

Passive RFID systems utilise unpowered passive tags in conjunction with antennas to provide the most reliable identification method available to industry. Pacific Automation distributes RFID Inc’s R3 (R cubed) and R32 (R cubed 2) passive RFID products throughout Australia. Also available is the SimpleTag range of high frequency (13.56 MHz) Smart Labels.

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