CMP Products designs and manufactures cable glands, cleats and associated products for installation in marine, industrial and explosive environments.

Our partnership with CMP allows us to supply a range of IECEX certified Cable glands which continue to improve the way in electrical safety and performance. This has seen our products raise the bar in terms of setting standards; influencing where we are able to do so; and creating products that are often designed to outperform national standards.

Let our team help to find the right product and solution for your application!

IECEx Approved Thread Adapters

We run through the range and show you how to find the part you are looking for on our webstore.

Hazardous Area Cable Glands

CMP’s range of flameproof and explosion-proof cable glands has multiple-certification, allowing customers to select one gland to cover a multitude of situations.

Hazardous Area Thread Adapters & Reducers

CMP's globally approved range of Adaptors and Reducers, Explosive Atmosphere Cable and Conduit Accessory.

Hazardous Area Stopping Plugs

CMP’s range of stopper plugs are available to suit explosive atmosphere applications as well as general purpose and industrial. 

The stopper plugs provide a means of blanking unused cable entries on a temporary or permanent basis.

Hazardous Area Cable Unions

The CMP Products union & barrier union range are designed to allow connection of rigid and flexible conduit, or terminated cable glands, to any fixed equipment.

Hazardous Area Breather Drains

CMP’s breather / drain plugs drain equipment which are susceptible to moisture collection, as well as enabling equipment to breathe.

Locknuts, Washer & Accessories

CMP have a solution in securing Cable Glands and Accessories to a gland plate or into equipment.


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