Delavan Process Instrumentation is a well-established company manufacturing products including solid and liquid point level and continuous level measurement, as well as technologies including ultrasonic, capacitance and microwave.

Pacific Automation has been distributing Delavan products since 2007 and have extensive experience with the entire range.

Let our team help you find the right product and solution for your application!

Microwave sensors

Microwave sensors are ideal where the environment is too hostile to permit reliable operation of photo-electric controls. Microwave sensors are unaffected by dust, smoke, fog or vibration. This non-contact and single point on-off action is used for level control as well as object detection.

Ultrasonic Sensors

Ultrasonic sensors are ideal for use where the material to be monitored is constantly changing physical properties. These sensors do not depend on any physical or electrical characteristics of the material, and are vibration resistant.

Capacitance Level Probes

Capacitance level probes are used in powder bulk solids, liquids and slurry applications and provide a continuous analog signal. Cost effective, they are completely adjustable and have a sensing capacity up to 75m.


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