SA Equip

SA Equip designs and manufactures portable, IECEx-certified lighting, power distribution and ventilation equipment for hazardous industrial areas.

Since 1924, SA Equip have provided electrical supplies and support to industry, and later developed a wide portfolio of hazardous area equipment for use onshore and offshore.

Specialising in oil & gas, their product range is employed across shipping, defence, utilities, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, distilling, power generation, and other heavy industries.

Being modular and linkable, SA Equip portable equipment provides time and cost savings for operational and maintenance shutdowns.

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Portable Lighting

Hazardous environments are made more challenging by poor visibility and dark working conditions. Reliable, portable lighting provides operational safety, efficiency and effectiveness. With advanced LED technology and full IECEx certification, SA Equip lighting gives you enhanced illumination levels and a widespread light output, exactly where you need it.

Lighting is available with a variety of mounting options. With full control over lighting angles and positioning, undertake tasks in hazardous work environments including tank cleaning, confined space entry, scaffolding and maintenance activities. The range includes torches and head lamps, task lights, linkable work lights, rechargeable floodlights, and high output tower lights for large areas.

Portable Power Distribution

Standard certified power equipment tends to be heavy, bulky, and prone to breakages. SA Equip products offer a lightweight, reliable alternative to the market. Power up essential maintenance equipment during shutdowns with portable power distribution.

The SA Equip range includes IECEx-certified transformers, splitter boxes, and extension leads and reels. Products are available in various configurations, with a range of features including shock absorption, full fuse protection and integrated carry handles.

Portable Ventilation

Transform a dangerous environment into a safe workplace. SA Equip ventilation is plug-and-play, allowing easy movement and quick installation wherever the system is required. The range includes IECEx-certified fans, air movers and a wide selection of ducting and accessories.

Offshore workers, shipbuilders, utilities, chemical maintenance crews and refurb teams around the world rely on SA Equip products to keep them working safely, comfortably and effectively.

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