Lumel manufacture premium-quality instrumentation, data, and electrical devices. Headquartered in Poland, the company began manufacturing moving-iron meters in 1954.

The modern Lumel instrumentation range includes electrical quantity transducers, network parameter analysers and analogue meters.

Lumel also offer handheld devices for the technician in the field, including multimeters, clamp-on meters and insulation meters alongside portable power quality analysers.

Pacific Automation is the preferred channel partner for Lumel in Australia. All Lumel products are covered by a three year manufacturer warranty. Shop online and purchase with confidence.

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Digital Panel Displays

Versatile and robust digital panels display accurate measurements. Lumel offer a broad range of configurable displays to suit all applications. Connect to a host of external devices and accept input via standard signals.

  • Designed for industrial data visualisation
  • Robust enclosures
  • Precise displayed results
  • Excellent visibility & readability

Power Network Meters & Analysers

Lumel offer a comprehensive range of single and 3-phase power network meters and analysers. Additional options are available for Ethernet, recording and portable variants.

Configure multiple parameters, harmonic presentations and analogue indicators. Additional variants with pulse outputs, alarms, logging and serial communications options provide a complete array of functions.

  • Detect voltage & current drop/growth
  • Examine phase loss/sequence
  • Analyse current or voltage unbalance
  • Data recording capabilities

Transducers & Isolators

Lumel transducers and isolators are designed for use throughout industrial applications. Ultrasonic, single and 3-phase and AC/DC variants are programmable for distance/level, pulse, resistance and flow monitoring within environmental parameters.

  • Digital interface via RS485 with MODBUS protocol
  • Alarm and email alert units
  • Ethernet and internal memory options
  • Firmware upgradeable by user

Temperature Controllers

Temperature controllers are commonly employed in dryers, furnaces, plastics, food and dehydration applications. Operate via universal input signals while providing multiple output selections.

  • Digital interface via RS485 with MODBUS protocol
  • Dual-loop data logging option
  • Advanced programming control
  • Full-colour digital displays


Measure, visualise and supervise technical process parameters within pharmaceutical, food and chemical applications. Log data while accurately displaying measurements in one unit.

  • Ideal for IoT applications
  • MQTT protocol (global/distributed monitoring)
  • Data archiving options
  • Modbus TCP protocol for ScaDa systems

Test & Measurement

Digital multimeters, clamp-on meters and portable power quality analysers are suitable for any industry sector. Lumel devices pack multiple functions into portable, high quality and economical units.

  • Data logging options
  • Bluetooth functionality available
  • Send data digitally to other teams
  • Free smartphone app

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