PA Acquires AVG Brands Uticor & EZAutomation in Australia

Monday, 4 September 2023
This partnership further expands our factory automation and industrial communications portfolios.

The latest in a series of new brand partnerships, Pacific Automation today have announced our acquisition of the assets of Uticor AVG Pty Ltd and the responsibilities in Australia for the Uticor, EZAutomation, and Autotech brands, effective from the 3rd of August 2023.

AVG customers will continue to receive the high standard of technical support, configuration and servicing enjoyed over the last 26 years.

From Uticor and EZAutomation, our team can now offer:

  • Touch screen HMIs
  • Sunlight-readable HMIs
  • Industrial LED Message Signs
  • Industrial PCs and Workstations
  • Modular PLCs & Remote I/O

"We're very pleased to have added these brands to our national product range. They're highly regarded in the automation space.

We've been distributing and supporting Uticor and EZAutomation in Western Australia for 26 years. 

Now, we can deliver these products Australia-wide, along with full application and technical support."

Stephen Armstrong, CEO, Pacific Automation

Uticor is well-known for their popular ToughPanel HMI, prized by operators for ease of programming.

A simple interface cuts out hours of engineering and design time. High-quality graphics and SCADA features come to life on bright anti-glare screens.

And all Uticor devices offer rugged reliability. Designed to be installed into harsh industrial environments, ToughPanel HMIs are shock, vibration, and high-temperature resistant.

Uticor ToughPanel HMIs - built for industry.

"The ability to offer high-quality touch screen HMIs for factory automation will be invaluable for our customers in the manufacturing and food & beverage industries in NSW and VIC.

Uticor solutions can handle all the standard communication protocols. They're designed to get up and running fast, and they can talk to most major PLCs, ensuring suitability for a wide range of operations."

Peter Hudson, Customer Success Manager - East, Pacific Automation.

Also available from Uticor: a range of industrial LED message signs.

Also known as LED marquees, these large displays are a common sight at airports and on factory floors. With red or tri-colour LEDs displaying large, easy-to-read characters, signs can be read from up to 122m away.

Designed to be widely compatible with existing control systems, EZAutomation signs can communicate via Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP/IP, Profibus, Devicenet, Modbus RTU, or serial. They're low weight, low power consumption, and comfortable operating in ambient temperatures up to 60°C.

Uticor LED Marquees - visible from long distances.

For information about Uticor or EZAutomation products, you can check out their brand pages at the links below.

We'll soon be stocking our online shop with EZAutomation HMIs, LED message signs, and more.

Alternatively, get in contact with our team and we can discuss specifics for your application.

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  2. Browse EZAutomation brand page