Industrial HMIs, displays, PLCs and remote IO.

Established in 1975, AVG Automation is an American company with an extensive product range and innovative software available from their EZAutomation brand.

Explore ruggedised industrial touch screen HMIs, LED message signs and displays, modular PLCs, and remote I/O modules for the modern operator.

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Touch Screen HMIs

Available with or without PLC and modular I/O, EZAutomation HMIs are designed for factory automation. Feature-packed and with multiple communication protocols supported, they're highly compatible for simple integration into your control system (including AB with DH+).

Enclosed in a rugged NEMA 4X enclosure, with 400 nits brightness, EZAutomation HMI touch screens are available in a range of screen sizes and suitable for temperatures up to 55°C.

Industrial LED Message Signs

With communications via Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP/IP, Profibus, Devicenet, Modbus RTU and serial protocols, EZAutomation offer widely compatible LED message signs designed for harsh industrial environments.

Available with red or tri-colour LEDs displaying large easy-to-read characters, EZAutomation signs can be visible from up to 122m away. With low weight, a low power consumption, and comfortable operation in up to 60°C environments, they're ideal for your industrial applications.

Modular PLCs

Powerful units packed with advanced functionality. IIoT-ready, PLCs from EZAutomation are built like a rock and ruggedised for industrial applications. With high temperature resistance as standard, PLCs are available across micro, nano and standard sizings.

In addition, connect to multiple ControlLogix /CompactLogix processors over EtherNet/IP.

Integrated HMI/PLC Combos

Integrated HMI/PLC combos offer 32 different innovative features and up to 112 modular or fixed I/O in one package. A full range of TFT display sizes from 6" to 15" are available. Wi-Fi programming lets you utilise a patented online edit function for zero downtime.

With high reliability and high noise immunity, EZAutomation integrated HMI/PLC combos are designed for industrial environments.

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