Kraus & Naimer

Kraus & Naimer is a worldwide corporation with the most economical and technically suitable solution for almost every application with switches; from control and load, through to maintenance and safety switches to suit any WA industrial project. 

As a WA channel partner with Kraus & Naimer, Pacific Automation represents brings its industrial-grade switches and solutions to the industrial space.

 Let our team help to find the right product and solution for your application!

Multi-Step Selector Switches

Multi-Step Switches are available with and without OFF. These switches are able to connect different circuits to a common supply or vice-versa.

Motor Switches

Kraus & Naimer's range of cam switches offers an ideal solution for a wide variety of applications with models for all current ratings.

Isolation Switches

Switches intended for isolating an electric circuit from the source of power.

Changeover Switches

Changeover switches are available with and without OFF and are able to switch load’s between two sources.

Ammeter & Volmeter Switches

Voltmeter and Ammeter selector switches are used to switch between lines for the measurement of current.


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