Weidmuller is a global leader in electrical connectivity for industrial environments.

With a range of products to connect power, signal and data, Weidmuller provides solutions for current and future Industry 4.0 applications.

With decades of experience as Weidmuller’s sales partner in Western Australia, Pacific Automation are a trusted source for Weidmuller products and technical support.

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Fast, reliable, and consistent marking system.

Discover Weidmuller's THM MultiMark printer.

Whether clamps, wires, cables, or devices: the MultiMark includes a practical range of markers for all applications in conjunction with an advanced configuration software M-Print® PRO.


Klippon Connect Terminals are the building blocks of industrial connectivity. Reliable connections result in safe, stable operation of systems. 

Weidmuller’s extensive terminal range, complete with screw, tension clamp and push-in connection options, meet the requirements of demanding industrial applications.

Power Supplies, Protection & Redundancy

From entry level through to high performance, Weidmuller’s extensive range of power supplies, redundancy, backup and protection modules accommodate diverse industrial requirements.

Relays & Solid State Relays

Relays provide isolation and protection for electrical circuits. Weidmuller’s extensive range of high-performance relays are available in electromechanical and solid-state configurations.

Surge Protection

Surge protection is critical for power, signal and data networks to ensure safe, reliable operations. Weidmuller’s solutions address a variety of applications in either pluggable or slimline housings.

Signal Isolation & Conversion

Isolation, conversion and monitoring of analogue signals from the field are important functions of process control systems. 

Weidmuller’s signal converters range from fixed IO for off-the-shelf use and DIP switch-configured models for simple setup in the field, through to software-configured models that can be customised for ranges and functions.

Remote IO

Weidmuller’s u-remote is a high-density, rail-mounted IO solution, ideal for machine-building and process IO. Its extensive support for major communication platforms makes integration simple, and integrated intelligent diagnostics allow for fast resolution of faults in the field. Factory floor extensions are supported by a range of IP67 expansion modules.

Heavy Duty Connectors

Heavy duty connectors provide reliable connections for machinery and facilities. Their modular construction allows for simple, secure assembly of connectors, with kits available for fast ordering. Available in a variety of body styles, sizes and ratings, the Weidmuller Rockstar range is ideal for heavy duty applications.

Industrial Ethernet

Communication between devices is critical for Industry 4.0. Weidmuller’s range of active and passive industrial Ethernet products allows for stable, rugged communications. 

From unmanaged and managed switches to routers, media converters, cables and connectors, Weidmuller has solutions for use in the field and the cabinet.

Identification Systems

Clear identification of devices, wires and terminals aids the design, installation, and maintenance of electrical systems. Weidmuller’s range of printers and markers make fast, accurate marking simple. Weidmuller’s M-Print Pro printing software is easy to use and prints directly to Weidmuller’s range of thermal transfer and ink jet printers.


Weidmuller produces high-quality wire processing tools for use by professionals in industries that require precise connections for power, signal and data. Consistency and accuracy of cable preparation leads to greater efficiency and safer connections.

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