New Macey

New Macey is an Australian manufacturer of electrical connection equipment for underground mining, tunneling, industrial, rail and materials handling applications and is a recognised leader in the design, development, manufacture and delivery of electrical connectors and couplers used in harsh environmental conditions.

Restrained Plugs & Receptacles

New Macey brings innovative design to its range of 60A and 150A restrained plugs, receptacles and back-to-back connectors. They are available in 660V and 1100V options for use on underground mining equipment such as jumbos, pumps, fans and transformer substations. New Macey restrained plugs are re-enterable and can be configured for a wide range of cable sizes.

    Bolted Couplers

    New Macey designs and manufactures reliable, high-voltage electrical connections for mining, tunnelling and industrial applications. New Macey’s 11kV bolted couplers are designed and engineered using the latest technology and most up-to-date materials on the market. New Macey 11 kV couplers and adaptors, along with connecting sockets, are available to connect a number of variations, including 800A to 800A, 800A to 425A, 800A to 300A and 800A to 150A. These innovative products have been designed for ease of fitting with the fastest possible connections incorporated into the design.