Raytec Refresh LED Lighting Range With Gen II Upgrade

Tuesday, 28 June 2022
Specialist LED lighting manufacturer Raytec have rolled out a major product upgrade. Introducing Gen II LED linear fittings.

They're tougher, brighter, and they're in stock now. 

We've been working closely with Raytec since 2008. As the exclusive Australian distributor for their LED lighting range, we primarily supply the SPARTAN range for hazardous areas.

SPARTAN linear fittings are available IECEx-certified for Zone 1/21 and Zone 2/22 applications.

With the Gen II upgrade, Raytec wanted to build on their most important product features. They carried out a comprehensive review across design, performance, and range.

Here's what you can expect to see on all Raytec linear light fittings from now on.

An increase in lumen output

The new Gen II fittings have a higher lumen per watt efficacy. That means that you'll need less fittings to light the same space, as shown above.

This will slash your installation costs, lower your energy requirements, and lower your initial investment cost. Win-win-win.

Redesigned front lens

Gen II luminaires have a redesigned front lens - it's much more robust.

The new design uses a clamping system that removes the stress points from the polycarbonate lens. It has also resulted in an IK10 impact rating - the highest available, and a significant improvement over the previous design.

Did you know that IK10, the highest impact rating available for light fittings, denotes protection against "the impact of 5kg dropped from 400mm (20J)"? A measly 20 joules.

Here's something fun. Raytec have produced this great video of a large angry strongman attempting to smash a Gen II fitting into pieces with a 40kg ballast block. Estimated impact force? A massive 600 joules.

This is a light fitting designed to handle whatever abuse gets thrown at it. It’s perfect for the oil & gas and mining sectors, where knocks and impacts come with the territory.

New beam angles available

Raytec can now offer a range of new optics and beam angles on linear fittings. These new offerings make the SPARTAN range far more flexible, and better suited for a range of applications, including aisle, corridor and perimeter lighting.

Note these non-standard angles are special variants, and will likely involve a longer lead time.

Certified to the latest standards

The new SPARTAN Linear has been certified to the very latest standards, which includes the recent changes to Ex e Standards. For Zone 2 variants, the marking of “nA” has been replaced by the far more stringent Ex ec.


Linear lights have long been a popular and versatile style of fitting. With the rollout of Gen II, Raytec are ensuring that their product remains at the top of the game for industrial and hazardous area lighting applications.

All Linear Gen II part codes and SKU's remain exactly the same.

If you're in Perth, you're welcome to come down to our pop-up showroom at Cloistersand see Gen II light fittings in action.

*Note that the Gen II upgrade has so far only hit the linear fittings. Soon, it'll be rolling out across all Raytec fitting ranges. We'll keep you posted as this happens.