Raytec Launch New Range of Mid-power LED Lighting

Friday, 24 February 2023
There's a new range of mid-powered LED lighting from Raytec. Let's take a look.

Raytec design and manufacture all LED fittings out of Ashington, UK.

Their newest offering is an exceptionally versatile range of mid-powered LED lighting.

Your key options at a glance:

Style: Flood Light or Bay Light
Zone 1/21, Zone 2/22, or Industrial (non-certified)
40W, 60W, 80W, 100W, 120W
Beam Angle: 
30°, 60°, 90° as standard options, plus 10° & 120°x15° for Zone 2/22 and Industrial
Colour Temperature: 
5700K standard or 4000K

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What's so special about Raytec lights?

They're tough. Raytec design their lights for the toughest conditions you can imagine.

Marine-grade aluminium and stainless steel fasteners make them ideal for use in marine environments. We've already supplied them to port authorities and for offshore applications.

And they're designed for simple maintenance.

Rather than the common method of Ex D (flameproof), these new mid-power fittings use an Ex e (increased safety) protection method. If you like technical details, there's a great writeup on Ex d vs Ex e protection methods over on the Raytec blog.

Basically, this means the luminaires are now more maintenance-friendly for you.

Captive screws keep everything in place. The front cover flips down easily to reveal the driver. A steel retaining wire keeps that cover secure - useful when you're working at heights. Pushfit terminals make wiring up a breeze. And each fitting weighs in at a lightweight 13.6kg.

How to select your LED lighting 💡

1. Style: Flood Light or Bay Light?

This might be a gamechanger. Raytec mid-power fittings can change between serving as a flood light (MPFL) and an overhead bay light (MPBY) with a simple bracket swapout.

The fitting is identical. The only difference is the mounting bracket. See below.

You could use these as bay lighting for any mounting height over 8m - up to around 15m. A 90° beam angle is suitable for standard mounting heights. You'll likely want a narrower beam angle if you're mounting any higher.

2. Are you lighting a hazardous area?

As with most of the Raytec range, there's three key variants.

  • SPARTAN SPX - Raytec's hazardous area range. SPX is IECEx-certified for Zone 1/21 areas.
  • SPARTAN SPZ - Raytec's hazardous area range, SPZ is IECEx-certified for Zone 2/22 areas.
  • WARRIOR SPI - Raytec's heavy industrial range. SPI is not certified for hazardous areas. DALI-2 dimmable.

Your hazardous area site classification map will tell you which variant you need and where.

3. Power: consider power output (lumens).

Power output is straightforward. You have five options. They're the same across all variants. Choose from:

  • 40W/5,000lm
  • 60W/7,500lm
  • 80W/10,000lm
  • 100W/12,500lm
  • 120W/15,000lm
Not sure how many lumens you need? Try thinking about lux levels instead.

Lux refers to the levels of light actually hitting a surface (typically the ground). That's why lux levels are referenced in Australian Standards, not lumens.

This is also where we come in. We offer a lighting design service for small to mid-sized industrial projects. All you need to do is share some basic site information. Our lighting designers can tell you what fittings go where.

3. Select your beam angle.

The standard options available across all variants are 30°x30°, 60°x60°, and 90°x90°.

If choosing a SPZ Zone 2/22 or SPI WARRIOR heavy industrial fitting, you get two more options - an ultra-narrow 10°x10°, or a wide 120°x15°.

4. Lastly, choose your colour temperature.

Raytec's standard colour temperature is 5700K, or daylight white. This colour is bright and crisp, and makes catching small details easy due to the colour contrast. It's ideal for industrial spaces like factories and warehouses.

However, you can also specify 4000K, or neutral white, which is a slightly warmer option. More Australian companies are now switching to specify 4000K across site operations.

This new mid-power lighting is versatile

You'll likely have multiple applications on site where it can play a role.

We've got common variants in stock in our Australian warehouses now. Everything else is available on a short lead time.

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