Alan Creaser: The End of an Era

By January 24, 2020Company news

Humble Beginnings: Alan Creaser 2nd from right

What an incredible run it’s been for Pacific Automation’s longest serving team member, Alan Creaser. After a remarkable 46 years of service, Alan is hanging up his suit and entering retirement on the 13th February 2020.

We recently sat down with Alan to recap a few of his career highlights.

How did you come to work for Pacific Automation?

I came to Pacific Automation (or Light & Power Systems as it was then known) straight out of school in 1973 when I was 16 and in year 11. Basically, I was fed up with the institution and I had become aware that Pacific Automation was looking for some assistance. My father sorted out an interview, I rolled up in September and the rest is history.

How has your role in the company changed over the past 46 years?

Originally, I was employed to do “required duties” which mainly involved engraving on an old Pentagraph hand traced system. Other duties included cleaning, sweeping and being an assistant for whatever was needed. I transitioned into assembly work for the Kraus & Naimer switches and later into internal sales. I also spent time doing some external calls before focusing more on developing the new workshop and warehouse facilities at Solomon Road in Jandakot. Since then, I have been involved with Sales and Customer Support Service.

What will you miss most about Pacific Automation and what will you be doing in your free time?

After 46 years, you get used to the focus and routine that work brings to your life so it will take time to restructure and reorganise things. My wife will have to put up with me being around the place more often. Looking forward, I have not limited myself to anything particular other than getting the house into some sort of order. I intend to be more involved with my grandchildren and perhaps look at doing some sort of voluntary work within my capabilities. Other than that, I would like to travel to Israel, Central Europe and also see a bit more of Northern Australia.

The Pacific Automation team will certainly miss Alan, how he brings his very best every day, lives out our core values and does it all with a spirit of humility. It’s been an honour to have him here.