Advantech ADAM-6300 Series Launch

Thursday, 13 May 2021
The latest Advantech industrial automation and IoT applications

Pacific Automation is excited to reveal Advantech’s ADAM – 6300 Series: the next generation of OPC UA Ethernet modules for IoT digitalisation.

The Series release marks a step forward for the industrial automation sector, and IoT applications, by seamlessly integrating existing operational technology (OT) with developments in information technology (IT) systems.

Prevent Hacking With Double Security

Featuring added layers of built-in security chip for encryption in the ADAM – 6300 and effectively doubles the overall safety of your data – via encryption – and throughout OT and IT levels.

Support for Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture (OPC UA) enables interoperable and cross-vendor collaboration of production equipment and allows communication between machines and systems.

With Modbus protocol and legacy OT system processing, I/O data can be seamlessly integrated with existing SCADA via the cloud and OPC UA without the need for an extra gateway, saving on costs and integration time.

The ADAM – 6300 Series provides user access with cloud providers such as – Azure, AWS, Ignition, Indusoft, kepware® kepserverex, Pro-face™, thingworx®, VTScada®, WebAccess, WinCC®, and Wonderware®.

Secure, Cost-Effective & Interoperable.

With high I/O density and daisy-chain connectivity, Advantech’s new product range delivers a versatile automation solution that’s also cost-effective, reducing the amount of I/O modules, switches, and cabling required while offering space-saving within your control cabinets.

The ADAM-6300 is well suited to:
  • Water treatment application;
  • Machine management; and
  • Production process monitoring.
For more information on the Advantech ADAM-6300 Series and related products click here and talk with one of our Advantech experts today!