Pacific Automation brings innovative solutions to the IIOT space in Australia through its partnership with Advantech

By November 18, 2019Company news

Having announced our partnership with world leader in industrial communications technologies Advantech in July, we’re excited to be already making waves in the IIOT space, through the introduction of industrial-grade hardware and Solution-Ready Packages to our customers across Australia.

As the exclusive Australian channel partner for Advantech, this relationship is significant for the Australian market, providing first-time, local access to premium products that address the complex challenges of industrial applications.

The product range includes ADAM Remote IO Modules, Industrial PCs, 4G Remote Access Routers, Panel PCs and HMIs and Industrial Ethernet.

Advantech products are customisable, and configured and built in Australia, which means they offer a flexible solution for diverse applications in mining, industrial, food and beverage and factory automation.

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As with all Pacific Automation products, our experienced technical team is well equipped to help our customers with the complexities of industrial applications.

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