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WATCH: Wireless Condition Monitoring With the Advantech WISE-2410 Vibration Sensor

Do you have critical equipment powered by electric motors?

What would unplanned downtime cost your operation?

We've got the ideal solution. Watch on YouTube here.

Major Australian Grain Terminal Implements Wireless Sensor Solution


We've recently begun implementing a LoRaWAN sensor solution for a major grain handling terminal in Western Australia. The site accounts for over fifty percent of state exports.

Partnering Advantech WISE-2410X sensors together with WISE-6610 gateways, we've significantly cut down on infrastructure requirements. These sensors are battery powered, and each gateway can manage up to 500 sensors. This makes installation faster, and cheaper to implement.

Once complete, this condition monitoring solution will provide real-time updates on critical machinery, and give early indications of pending equipment failure.

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Advantech WISE-2410

LoRaWAN Wireless Vibration Sensor

The Advantech WISE-2410 is a wireless triaxial vibration sensor capable of measuring temperature and vibration.

  • 3-axis accelerometer and temperature sensor.
  • Built around the ISO 10816 standard.
  • Monitor difficult-to-reach equipment and equipment at heights.
  • Uses LoraWAN - low power, high-range up to 10km.
  • IECEx-certified Zone 21 variant available for hazardous dust areas.
  • IECEx-certified Zone 2 variant available for hazardous gas areas.
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Advantech WISE-6610

LoRaWAN Wireless Gateway

The Advantech WISE-6610 is a high performance hardened 8-channel gateway. It offers reliable connectivity via the LoRaWAN protocol.

  • Manage up to 100 sensors per gateway.
  • Monitor trends in vibration and temperature.
  • Develop efficient maintenance plans.
  • Suitable for use in IECEx-certified enclosures.
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