Vacon Drives in Marine Applications

Monday, 26 October 2020

Pacific Automation has been awarded a contract to supply a shipbuilding project with Vacon Variable Speed Drives (VSD).  

The project required compact drives that had low harmonic distortion. Pacific Automation assisted in the evaluation of a field of suitable solutions with the best solution being the Vacon NXP series. 

The Danfoss Vacon NXP series is the premier Vacon drive solution and is used in applications such as: 
  • Cranes and Hoists 
  • Conveyors 
  • Crushers 
  • Winders 
  • Extruders 
  • Marine Thrusters 
  • Pumps and fans 
  • Machine tools 
  • Yaw and pitch control 
  • Pulp driers 

Pacific Automation in partnership with Danfoss can provide full consultative support and project managementwhich includes working with our customers to provide the best solution. We can also run harmonics calculations and provide a full report which details whether harmonic mitigation may need to be considered. 

The benefits of designing the bow thrusters around an electric motor are: 
  • Reduced maintenance due to fewer moving components 
  • Cleaner 
  • Lighter 
  • More space efficient 
  • Lower fuel costs 

Potential Uses for a Variable Speed Drive on a ship

Vacon Marine Applications

The Vacon NXP wall-mounted units are equipped with internal EMC filtering and power electronics which are integrated into an all-metal frame. The smaller frame sizes have an integrated brake chopper as standard and the 380-500v units can be equipped with an integrated brake resistor. 

 In tailoring the solution, Pacific Automation and Danfoss were able to provide a comprehensive harmonics report to ensure that any harmonic distortion was within the ship’s tolerances. In addition to harmonics reports, Pacific Automation can assist in the specification of the drive and communications systems.

To find out how a Vacon NXP will suit your needs, contact Pacific Automation.