Bernstein F3-U1Z/U1Z/U2ZD UN Foot Switch

Item No: 1035551
Manufacturer: Bernstein
Part No: 6063612423
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Product Description

Foot switch metal; 3-pedal; with protection shroud; left and centre pedal: 1 NC/1 NO, right pedal: 2 NC/2 NO; right pedal with pressure point

Suitable for high requirements in industrial applications. Existing mounting holes offer the possibility of screwing the foot switches to the base. Each foot switch is equipped with four rubber feet to prevent slipping. In the case of multi-pedal foot switches, crossbars prevent the unintentional simultaneous actuation of several pedals (versions without crossbars available on request) The foot levers are made of thermoPlastic. A protection shroud made of die-cast aluminium completely shields the pedal from the top and sides and, with its wide projection, ensures a high degree of stability. Accidental actuation by falling objects from above or carelessness from the side is thus prevented. Due to its stability, the bonnet can withstand a drop weight of 20kg from a height of 1m. The pressure point is a mechanical resistance in the actuation path of the pedal. This gives the user an additional physical indication of the actuation position (tactile feedback). The pressure point is applied when using two shift systems with differently set advance (2-step shift). - Actuation up to the pressure point: switching point for the first switching system - Actuation beyond the pressure point up to the stop: switching point for the second switching system. The first switching system remains actuated.


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Product Specifications

Manufacturer Bernstein
IP Rating IP65
Entry Type 2 x M20
Number of Pedals 3
Pedal 1 Contact 1NO 1NC
Pedal 1 Contact Type Slow
Pedal 1 Stages Single
Pedal 2 Contact 1NO 1NC
Pedal 2 Stages Single
Pedal 3 Contact 2NO 2NC
Pedal 3 Stages Dual
Protective Cover Yes
Manual Reset No
Pressure Point 200N