Bernstein F2-ZSDR/ZSDR Foot Switch

Item No: 1038914
Manufacturer: Bernstein
Part No: 6062500568
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Product Description

Foot switch metal; 2-pedal; per pedal: 1 NC/2 NO Contacts; both pedals with enabling function; with safety latch and manual unlocking device

Suitable for high requirements in industrial applications. Existing mounting holes offer the possibility of screwing the foot switches to the base. Each foot switch is equipped with four rubber feet to prevent slipping. In the case of multi-pedal foot switches, crossbars prevent the unintentional simultaneous actuation of several pedals (versions without crossbars available on request). The foot levers are made of thermoPlastic. The enabling foot switch offers two enabling Contacts and one signalling contact and is available both with and without detent. When the pedal is depressed to the pressure point, the two enabling Contacts close. When the pedal is released, the enabling Contacts open again. If the pedal is depressed, i.e. beyond the pressure point, the release Contacts open in a positively driven manner. For the application of an enabling device, the standards DIN EN ISO 12100 and DIN EN 60204-1, among others, must be observed. Dynamic position detection is possible with the signal contact. Alternatively, a static position detection can be realised by means of a PNP output. In this way, it is possible to determine actuating position 1 - the OFF position of the enabling Contacts (actuator is not pressed) - or position 3 - the OFF position of the operating Contacts (actuator is fully pressed) - and make them directly available to the control system. The approved enabling foot switch is only available in the standard version without UN bonnet.


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Product Specifications

Manufacturer Bernstein
IP Rating IP67
Entry Type 1 x M20
Number of Pedals 2
Pedal 1 Contact 2NO 1NC
Pedal 1 Contact Type Slow
Pedal 1 Stages 3 Stage
Pedal 2 Contact 2NO 1NC
Pedal 2 Stages 3 Stage
Protective Cover No
Manual Reset Yes
Safety Type Enable Footswitch
Pressure Point 200N