Bernstein AHDM-EINR. IN73/MN78 Actuating Element

Item No: 1037835
Manufacturer: Bernstein
Part No: 3918372421
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Product Description

Replacement actuator/AHDM-actuator for Limit Switch Type IN73/MN78-…AHDM (rod lever)

Replacement actuator/AHDM actuator (rod lever, thermoPlastics-wire Ø6 mm / lever adjustable in 15° steps) for Limit Switch Type IN73/MN78-…AHDM. The actuator can be approached by two sides. By pulling the buckle, it is possible to turn the actuating device into 45° steps. This results in a total of 16 approach directions. After repositioning, the actuating device must be reattached to the housing by pressing the buckle.


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Product Specifications

Manufacturer Bernstein