A Safe Connection: New Macey’s New and Improved Electrical Plug for Underground Mining

Safety and innovation combine in the New Macey 60amp restrained plug featuring an all-new bolted design. The plug replaces the threaded design released in 2015 and introduces a new, sophisticated bolt design that fastens the plug body with earth cable to the centre unit, ensuring the parts remain secure even under high tension.

Part of New Macey’s range of blast-proof, flameproof and waterproof plugs and receptacles, it features:

  • Durable, stainless steel construction that can withstand rugged and demanding environmental conditions
  • Compact design that improves on the intuitive design of the threaded release
  • Grub screw design with solderless and crimpless thimbles that increases efficiency, boasting the fastest make-off time in the industry
  • Three-bolted clamp arrangement with the best pull force of any 60amp plug on the market
  • Unique sealing resin coating prevents water from contacting the earth wire
  • Seamless earthing system
  • Easy to order single part numbers

Ideal for use in underground pumping applications for mining and tunnelling, the 60amp plug from New Macey is a significant improvement in safety and innovation while keeping with the intuitive design and high-quality components that has become synonymous with the New Macey name.

Stainless Steel Construction

Can withstand demanding environmental conditions.

Unique Modular Design

Allows for complete access to the termination.

Unique Sealing Resin

Removes the chance of water ingress.

No Soldering Required

Grub screw design increases effiiency.

Leaders in Mining Innovation

New Macey is an Australian manufacturer of electrical connection equipment for underground mining, tunnelling, industrial, rail and materials handling applications and is a recognised leader in the design, development, manufacture and delivery of electrical connectors and couplers used in harsh environmental conditions.

Pacific Automation partners with New Macey across Australia to provide our customers with premium products and technical support.

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