Rechner’s Smart Paddle provides superior sensor design at a cost-effective price

The ideal tool for level control of bulk material and liquids, the Rechner Sensors Smart Paddle is suitable for a variety of applications where traditional rotary switches, vibrating forks or mechanical switches are used. It is designed to work in almost the entire range of dielectric constants (2 to 80) without adjustment out of the box due to its unique, patent pending sensor design.

The Smart Paddle contains no moving parts, making it resistant to wear or tear as well as removing the possibility of false detection caused by material build-up between vibrating forks or rotary switches.

Simply mount the sensor, establish the electrical connection and the sensor is ready for use. Easy!

High Performance

Designed to work in a wide range of dielectric constants (DC) without needing any adjustments.

FDA Approved Material

Made of food contact safe material, the Smart Paddle is safe to test in a range of environments.

High Temp Cleaning

Capable of high temperature cleaning, making it suitable for use in the pharmaceutical industry.

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