Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 with the Smixin Smart Hand Washing System

By March 31, 2020Product news

Thorough hand washing with soap is the first line of defence against the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and other infectious diseases. In environments where people live and work in close proximity, poor hygiene can quickly spread viruses and disease. This can cripple a workforce and have devastating consequences on productivity.

The Smixin smart hand washing system eliminates the risk of virus transmission with its contactless, all-in-one approach to hand washing. Available in three convenient sizes, Smixin offers an efficient and sustainable hand washing system that operates via infrared sensors to detect the presence of hands in the basin before commencing the wash cycle. The aerated soap and water solution is distributed using the Smart Mixing Unit and operates more efficiently than regular soap and water dispensers. The patented mixing mechanism ensures the perfect ratio of water to soap is dispensed time after time. This enables it to deliver one of the most efficient and hygienic methods of hand washing, with its hands-free operation removing the possibility of the contraction of viruses that can be transferred from surfaces when using hand operated faucets and dispensers.

Hand washing is essential to fight the spread of viruses

The spread of infectious disease and the cleanliness of your hands are very closely related. Academic research shows that washing your hands with soap – ideally, for at least 20 seconds – is the most effective way to remove viruses, germs and bacteria from your hands. With the Smixin Combi and Compact systems, each stage of the hand washing cycle can be completely customised, from the amount of soap dispensed to the time allocated for scrubbing, making it easy to optimise the wash cycle to your exact needs.

The smarter way to wash

With the aim of being both hygienic and economical, Smixin’s mixing units automatically mix water, soap and air – and are entirely touch-free.

The Compact has the Smart Mixing Unit (SMU) technology built-in. Soap, water and air are dispensed in an aerated liquid formula that saves up to 90% water and 60% soap versus a regular faucet.
All Smixin devices operate entirely touch free via the integrated infrared sensor that monitors when hands enter the basin.
Each replacement soap pouch comes with a new SMU attachment, which means you have a clean, new dispensing system every time you change the pouch.


All Smixin devices are 100% touch-free, which eliminates the risk of virus transmission/contamination.


With its connectivity to the cloud, you can easily adjust parameters remotely and analyse usage data in real-time.


Smixin systems save up to 90% of water and 60% of soap compared to regular hand washing.

Hand hygiene saves lives

In the current climate, the practise of good personal hygiene is more important than ever. The Smixin smart hand washing systems not only improve the overall level of hygiene in the workplace, but also help to safeguard the health of employees in any environment.

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