Richard DeJong: Celebrating 30 Years at Pacific Automation

By February 19, 2020Company news

The Pacific Automation team in the 90’s. Richard second from the left.

This month we celebrate the 30 year anniversary of Richard DeJong as a valuable member of the Pacific Automation team. We recently sat down with Richard to discuss his career highlights and fondest memories during his time with us.

How did you first become involved with Pacific Automation? What was the organization like back then?

I originally joined the company in February 1990 as a commissioning engineer for the Allen-Bradley product line. Light and Power Systems (as it was then known) was expanding rather rapidly and it was a happy environment.

What are your fondest memories of working at Pacific Automation?

Launching the Allen-Bradley SLC500. I was tasked with inviting people to a Lunch & Learn where customers could buy a starter kit – WA had the biggest uptake in the country and I was awarded some special pens!

What has been the highlight of your career?

Watching Light and Power Systems expand from 6 people in the mid 90’s to become Pacific Automation with over 25 team members! The highlight for me personally is that we have taken on the giants in the industry and won the customers over, especially with Uticor, RFID and New Macey.

Talk to us about some of the big successes in the last 30 years of Pacific Automation. What moments stand out to you? What are you most proud of?

Showing customers the value of putting a touchscreen in the field. Alcoa Kwinana was the first company in WA to put a touchscreen in its plant and we’ve subsequently sold them more than 70 units over the years.

New Macey is my most recent biggest success. I had and continue to put a lot of sweat and tears into this product and we are finally seeing the fruits of my efforts.

NB: Customer is King – treating all customers great or small with the same level of enthusiasm and service.