SAFETY + INNOVATION = New Macey phase rotation test plug

Safety and innovation combine in the New Macey 60 Amp Phase Rotation Plug to ensure optimal analysis of phase rotation for switchboards with outlets in awkward places.

Part of New Macey’s range of blast-proof, flameproof and waterproof plugs and receptacles, designed for the harshest mining and industrial applications, it features:

  • 5 bright LED indicators, including clockwise / counter-clockwise orientation of outlet
  • High-quality, accurate measurement – Kyoritsu measurement device used to provide reliable and high-quality reading results
  • Coloured insulator to determine correct socket orientation
  • Available for both 660 volt and 1100-volt power systems
  • Durable, stainless steel construction
  • Extensive and customised solutions and configurations
  • Fixed or portable power applications

Providing a range of user benefits, it has a:

  • Safe operator viewing angle – so users don’t have to put themselves in an unsafe position to read the indicators
  • Loud audible feedback tone – for testing efficiency
  • 90 degree viewing angle – for user safety

New Macey is an Australian manufacturer of electrical connection equipment for underground mining, tunnelling, industrial, rail and materials handling applications and is a recognised leader in the design, development, manufacture and delivery of electrical connectors and couplers used in harsh environmental conditions.

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