Pacific Automation provides lighting and safety solutions for drill rigs in south-west Queensland

Pacific Automation has been working with land-based drill rig operators around Roma, south-west Queensland, to upgrade lighting equipment and mitigate safety issues.

The lighting equipment on several drill rigs has been failing and some incidents have occurred due to dropped objects.

Pacific Automation’s team has worked with site electricians to introduce the use of Raytec Spartan linear LED lights to address the quality issues with existing lighting, and subsequently replaced the outdated fluorescent lighting with Raytec’s LED technology.

The Raytec SPARTAN LED fittings have revolutionised the way hazardous area lighting is installed and maintained. They offer the most maintenance friendly solution on the market, allowing much easier access and inspection, and significantly reducing overall resources and expenditure.

Given the improved outcome of supplying this product, Pacific Automation then proposed and supplied Dropsafe nest to mitigate the falling objects risk.

Dropsafe nets enclose and tether overhead fixtures such as lights, beacons, speakers, self-retracting lifelines, CCTV cameras, anodes, pipe clamps, located above personnel or equipment. The net fully encloses the item being secured, while the integrated securing cable attaches to a structural point, preventing both the item and fixture components from dropping or falling. It is the most secure form of secondary retention available.

Dropsafe Nets

Both products have been working successfully to address both lighting and safety issues, providing a positive outcome for the client and its workers.

We’re looking forward to continuing to work with land-based drill rig operators to provide additional lighting and safety support.

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