PRODUCT FOCUS: Maintaining Ex Lighting: Modular versus Sealed for Life – Part 3

We continue to share insights from our manufacturing partner Raytec’s four-part blog series about ‘modular’ and ‘sealed for life’ LED Ex luminaires, and how the design and certification of these different approaches impacts maintenance.

Part 3 looks at the environmental impact of having to return a sealed for life luminaire to the manufacturer for maintenance.

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Sealed for Life Luminaire

Even when luminaires are sent to the manufacturer, they may not be able to be repaired as accessing the unit for investigation may be impossible without damaging it. The process of returning the luminaire is more likely to be for fault identification (and whether it can be covered under warranty). Regardless of whether the fault is due to a manufacturing or user error, the most likely solution will be to replace the unit, and scrap the old one.

The logistics of shipping the luminaire could also add to the luminaire’s environmental footprint – the extent of which will depend on the location. The best case is that the manufacturer has a local repair centre, but with many manufacturers, the luminaire will have to be returned to a single global location.

Modular Luminaire

The environmental impact of a modular luminaire is a fraction of that of a sealed luminaire. Because the components are interchangeable, a PSU failure will not render the luminaire useless. Basic troubleshooting should allow the faulty component to be identified, and the ability to remove the PSU from the unit in-situ means, in theory, the entire fitting should not need to be returned to the manufacturer.

To identify the exact cause of failure, and for warranty claims, the faulty PSU could be returned to the manufacturer for inspection, but the environmental impact of doing this is much smaller when compared to returning the entire unit. The ability to keep spare parts also means the rig won’t be left without light.

Stay tuned for Part 4: Modular vs. Sealed for Life: Cost.

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This article has been adapted from Raytec’s blog, Maintaining Ex Lighting: Modular vs Sealed for Life – Part 3.

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