Pacific Automation partners with Dropsafe to tackle dropped objects risk

Pacific Automation is pleased to announce its exclusive distributorship with Dropsafe, the leading global provider of dropped object prevention technology.

The partnership will bolster Dropsafe’s regional presence as the market seeks to tackle the prominent safety, reputational and financial risks posed by dropped object incidents at Australian mine sites.

Darren Wright, Managing Director, Pacific Automation said, “We are really excited to begin our partnership with Dropsafe, as we believe its premium quality products will greatly benefit our customers across a range of applications and work sites, and play a critical role in dropped object incident prevention. We look forward to working with the team to supply the Dropsafe product range throughout Australia.”

The addition of Dropsafe’s net and barrier products to our equipment range signifies the role dropped object prevention plays in the overall health and safety strategy of site owners and managers.

According to Safe Work Australia, dropped and falling objects were the second largest cause of workplace fatalities in Australia between 2010-2014, resulting in 125 workplace fatalities and over 15,000 serious compensation claims[1]. While the industry is increasingly adopting dropped object prevention solutions, the risk remains prominent.

The Australian mining sector has an opportunity to set a benchmark in dropped object prevention, tackling a four-fold threat: the risk of injury to personnel, risk of equipment damage, and their financial and reputational consequences. By adopting solutions that are impact-resistant, have high structural integrity and are manufactured to a high quality, mining companies can demonstrate a commitment to upholding the highest safety standards.

Dropsafe net with Raytec hazardous area floodlight

As the market takes an increasingly thorough approach to dropped object risk mitigation, Dropsafe has seen a significant spike in demand for its market-leading prevention systems. The Dropsafe net and barrier have become the preferred solutions for mining operators seeking to prevent fixtures falling from height, and equipment dropping from raised walkways.

Rob Schlipper, CEO, Dropsafe, said, “This increased demand clearly shows the emphasis mining operators are putting on managing this prominent risk. Our partnership with Pacific Automation signifies that Dropsafe nets, pouches and barriers have become an essential part of the tool kit for Australian mining operators.

Schlipper continued, “The new partnership in Australia allows us to expand our distribution and support network, enhancing the service we offer to our current and future customers in the region. Pacific Automation has a long-standing reputation for sourcing and supplying best-in-class, high-quality products and therefore was a natural fit for Dropsafe.”

Dropsafe has come to set the industry standard for drops prevention in multiple sectors, collaborating with industry professionals to lead the market in enabling customers to improve workplace safety. Dropsafe’s track record is illustrated by its customer base of over 300 global companies, encompassing exclusive fleet-wide agreements with the largest oil and gas operators and contractors.

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